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Friday, January 25, 2013

Kinky Sex And Horror. You KNOW You Wanna Read This Post ~ So Just Do It...

By Marie & Christine

I  (Marie here) attended a screening of director Park Chan-wook's (Old Boy, Thirst) new film, "Stoker" the other day and boy did I love it. If you are familiar with his work, you have an idea of the mastery of this powerhouse filmmaker.

Although he doesn't write the original stories for the films he directs, he seems to have a specific taste, and one of the recurring subjects he deals with is unconventional sexuality.

Stoker stars Mia Wasikowska as India Stoker, an 18-year-old girl whose father has died suddenly in an accident. An uncle (Matthew Goode) she never previously new to exist comes to live with her and her cold, caustic mother (Nicole Kidman). He is an unpredictable and mysterious character who India soon becomes infatuated with.

Without spoiling anything, I will just say that there are many examples of strange sex in this film, some that will make you cringe or say, "Ew", but is undeniably interesting.
What gets some people off may seem strange and we often feel the need to search for roots and reasons to explain such, but when it comes down to it these are our most primal thoughts and feelings.

Let's take this opportunity to explore some (mostly) horror films that deal with taboo sex. Christine has helped me out with a few additions as well.

Lars von Trier's controversial film deals with a couple whose life is shattered when their baby boy dies while they are having sex. The wife, billed only as "She", reveals to her husband on a secluded getaway that she has been working on a thesis on how women are the Antichrist. This movie is definitely worth a watch if you like to challenge yourself and watch really fucked up movies. I must warn you that this movie is extremely graphic, and you will never look at Charlotte Gainsbourg the same way again./MR

Two adolescent boys get much more than they bargained for when they act out their necrophilic urges on a corpse they find in an abandoned mental hospital. I remember picking up this movie at Blockbuster and this stranger dude standing next to me was like, "That's a good movie." And then I ran away./MR

This isn't technically a horror movie but I'm putting it on here. Sandra (Molly Parker) has always been fascinated with death, but her fascination becomes an infatuation when she gets a job as a mortician and finds a passion for necrophilia. It's a romance about fucking dead people, sounds weird, right? It is, and there are some really strange scenes.../MR

Pauline (Annalynne McCord) aspires to be a surgeon and has a special kink. She gets off on blood and gore. This film was extremely well received despite what some might consider icky subject matter./MR

Cronenberg's cult classic is about a man (James Woods) who is looking for the next extreme in television programming and brings the boob tube to a whole new level./MR

Also not horror but totally perverse nonetheless, another weird one from Cronenberg focuses on people who get off sexually on car accidents.  If it sounds too strange for words that's because it is. This film is so bizarre that James Spader has sex with Rosanna Arquette by using an open wound on her leg as a substitute for her vagina.  Very out there, even for Cronenberg./CH

I doubt you'll find a more disturbing film than this quick, thirty-minute stunner.  It is the dialogue-free short in which a mortician does the worst thing possible with a corpse, and I think you know where I'm going here. Really does give necrophilia a whole new meaning.  It is grotesque, disturbing, and just plain vile.  And you cannot take your eyes off it.
But be warned, it is not for the horror novice.
(And to be clear, the DVD cover above is from the third part of Cerdà's trilogy (!).  I couldn't bring myself to show the actual cover of Aftermath. And that's saying a lot.) /CH

Not a horror movie, but still quite bizarre just the same.  Tom Cruise and then-wife Nicole Kidman decide to explore their sexuality. Just not with each other.  Indecent rituals, secret societies in which masks and passwords are the norm, and orgies galore are alive and well here in this Kubrick sextravaganza./CH

I'm really can't even go there.  You shouldn't either.  Seriously one of the most foul films of sexual depravity and graphic and disturbing violence you will ever see.  Or not see, which really should be the case.  If you look up the word 'controversial' in the dictionary there needs to be a picture of this movie poster beside the word.
Enough said. /CH
There are so many other films that are sexually distressing and entirely interesting - such as Lost Highway, A Serbian Film, Blue Velvet, Teeth, and Cat People(1982)  to name a few...Perhaps a Part 2 will be forthcoming...