Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

I really must insist that you don't waste your time on this dud.


Sisters is a remake of the 1973 Brian De Palma movie of the same name, which some people call a classic. I don't know that I would go that far, but I would certainly recommend it over this debacle anyday.

I tried- with every ounce of my being - to try to make heads or tails of this movie, but to be honest, I was just outright lost. Worse than the most confusing David Lynch movie you've ever seen (Lost Highway anyone?), I just couldn't wrap my head around all the foggy plotlines and bewildering story structure.

Here's what I got from it. A doctor goes home with a mysterious woman he meets while volunteering at a children's party at a mental institution (which should be your first clue to the weirdness that is forthcoming), learns she has a twin sister, buys her a birthday cake, meets what he thinks is said sister, and promptly gets killed -by someone - with knitting needles. Right. Got that?
Meanwhile, a nosy journalist (Chloe Sevigny) witnesses the murder and tries to alert the cops. They first interrogate her as if she is the offender, then head off to the apartment in quesiton, where they meet the cryptic yet sensuous suspect - who offers them cake - and they eat some! One of the cops goes as far as to offer his card to the possible culprit, telling her to call if she needs anything!
Wow. Dumb.
Then the whole plotline just becomes a convoluted mess, as if it wasn't already.
There is a controlling psychiatrist who keeps a watchful, if not smothering, eye on the sisters. Apparently there has been some sort of human experimentation, involving siamese twins. Things just keep escalating into the more and more bizarre, as the reporter is strangely drawn to the sisters and finding out their secret.

To be utterly honest, I nearly detested this movie. If not for a few bloody scenes, it would have been a complete waste of time. I'm still not sure it isn't just that.
I'd love to hear from anyone out there who may have liked this mess.
As for me, I'd have to suggest cleaning the litter-box rather than sitting through this rubbish.

Oh, and the actress that plays the sister(s): Lou Doillon - is so entirely awful that I am convinced she cannot be an actual actress - but rather a homeless person who needed a few good meals from the craft service table of a local movie set.

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