Wednesday, October 31, 2012


"Why is our fancy to be appalled by terrific perspectives of a hell beyond the grave?"
~Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

'Give them pleasure - the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare."  ~Alfred Hitchcock

"I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it."  ~Tori Amos

"O Death, rock me asleep, bring me to quiet rest, let pass my weary guiltless ghost out of my careful breast."  ~Anne Boleyn

"Fear and I were old buddies, despite my best efforts to the contrary." ~ Peter Straub

"To him who is in fear everything rustles."  ~Sophocles

"This is the very worst wickedness, that we refuse to acknowledge the passionate evil that is in us. This makes us secret and rotten."   ~David Herbert Lawrence

"We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight."  ~H.P. Lovecraft

"The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you free. " ~Buddha

"What scares me is what scares you. We're all afraid of the same things. That's why horror is such a powerful genre. All you have to do is ask yourself what frightens you and you'll know what frightens me."  ~John Carpenter

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

"We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones."
~Stephen King

"I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve any. "  ~Lao Tzu

"Fear makes us feel our humanity."  ~Benjamin Disraeli

"Laughter kills fear, and without fear there can be no faith. For without fear of the devil there is no need for God."
~Sean Connery

"I really believe that all of us have a lot of darkness in our souls. Anger, rage, fear, sadness. I don't think that's only reserved for people who have horrible upbringings. I think it really exists and is part of the human condition. I think in the course of your life you figure out ways to deal with that." ~Kevin Bacon

"Whether you like it or not, you're forced to come to the realization that death is out there. But I don't fear death, I'm a fatalist. I believe when it's your time, that's it. It's the hand you're dealt."  ~Clint Eastwood

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear."  ~Mark Twain

"The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears, for there's no risk of accident for someone who's dead." ~Albert Einstein

"Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind."  ~Dale Carnegie

"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free."  ~Jim Morrison

"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." ~ George Eliot

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes..." ~Shakespeare (Macbeth)

'There is no greater hell than to be a prisoner of fear."  ~Ben Johnson

"Where there is no imagination there is no horror." ~Arthur Conan Doyle

"Evil is unspectacular and always human, and shares our bed and eats at our own table."  ~W. H. Auden

"Fear has many eyes and can see things underground ." ~Miguel de Cervantes

"As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. " ~Chanakya

"Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself."  ~Samuel Butler

"Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places."  ~H.P. Lovecraft

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. "  ~Edgar Allan Poe

                                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!