Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bringing On The Fear: Part 1 -- Hoodies Are NOT Recommended..

When I named this blog back, oh... 3 and a half years ago, it took me awhile to come up with something as catchy as Fascination with Fear. (Just kidding... it took about five minutes, because I really didn't imagine anyone reading it anyway - thank goodness it doesn't sound too awful.) But lately, in this floundering world of crappy horror remakes and 3D extravaganzas I've been searching for something that actually does scare me.

So instead of picking films in particular that give me chills, I decided to broaden the spectrum a bit and kind of categorize my fear. Hence, the first installment of an ongoing feature that looks into what actually alarms, panics, chills, and downright terrifies me. Though it won't always be elements of horror movies, this go-around certainly is.

First up: A covered head.

Someone wandering around with their head covered in something freaks me out. Not necessarily a mask, as we might come to that later. But for example, Jason is by and far much scarier to me in Part 2 than he is in any of the other sequels in which he wears his signature hockey mask.

So here goes:

This guy from The Strangers just gives me a major case of the willies. Maybe it's the damn tie and jacket even more than the burlap mask, but this dude has it all going on.

Seriously one of the scariest things to come out of Norway is this freak from Cold Prey.
Nice 'stache!

I'm not a fan of kids. Not just in movies, mind you. But in this movie in particular (The Orphanage), I am freaked out to the 'nth degree by him just standing there!

Told ya. (Jason, Friday the 13th Part 2)

Weird little bastard from Trick 'r Treat wigs me out big time. More with the sack-head than his gruesome pumpkinhead. Much more so.

Ahhhhhh! Dark Night of the Scarecrow! This has the added fear luxury of standing alone out in the cornfield, scaring the bejesus out of me. More to come on that particular fright.

And yes, I know this is technically a mask, but damn! Probably has more to do with the grunting and the freaky backwoods inbred facial issues than anything else, but that facial covering.... Freaks. Me. Out. (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

And that brings us to Hostel. This poor fellow with the sack over his noggin is heading (pun intended) for a bad deal. See, it's not always the bad guy that can get under my skin.

Yes there are probably some I've forgotten no doubt but this is enough creepiness for one evening.


stonerphonic said...

Yaaaah... go The Strangers. My GF turned me on to this film. What a magnificent piece of essential & particularly twisted viewing for the jaded torture/ stalker connoisseur.

Coz Bryce got this pic as his avatar I thought this was gunna be a fellow blogger interview. Either way, this post is STILL disturbing!!!


Zombie Mom said...

Thanks for the morning freak out! Looking forward to seeing more of what gets under your skin.

Budd said...

The kid from orphanage looks creepy. That movie is available on demand and I might have to watch it now.

DGM said...

I'm with you sister. One hundred percent....

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

In Funny Games, when one of the dudes is holding the pillowcase over the boy's head and you can see his gasping breaths - kind of freaky.

Andre said...

Nice. I would also add David Cronenbergs character in Nightbreed. Which commonly gets mistaken for the Strangers guy's mask oddly. I never gave much thought to bags over heads, but it's pretty frickin' scary. Goooood call.

Monster Scholar said...

I love your endlessly inventive ideas for running series on your blog. Muah!

Will Errickson said...

Last Halloween I was home alone, not planning on going out, when someone knocked on my front door. As soon as I peeked outside I knew it was one of my good friends *but* in his effort to have a cheap, easy costume, he simply put a small pillowcase over his head and drew black X's over the eyes. It was *still* creepy as eff and gave me a second's pause.

Christine Hadden said...

Stoner: I must admit, The Strangers freaked me out.

Mindy: I've got lots more where that came from...

Budd: The Orphanage is a must see.

Dan: Thanks :)

Horror Girl: Yes! That is a fairly disturbing scene!

Andre: Ahh! Nightbreed. Totally forgot that one- yay!

Monster: Thanks - my mind does tend to wander in strange directions.

Will: That SO would have kept me awake at night! But it's a pretty nice thought, and one I may use in the future on someone...haha