Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Reasons why you should be watching True Blood

Okay... I'm just sayin'...

If you're not watching True Blood by now, you're missing out.

Either you don't have HBO (get it, you cheap sumbitch!), you're sick of the relentless vampire trend, or you have an odd aversion to anything that is virally popular right now.

In any case, here are ten reasons to jump on the bandwagon and watch this insanely addictive, well-casted, campy vamp-fest.

1) Sam Merlotte - Not that he really had it any easier last year, but this year in Season 2 - Sam has been put through the wringer and hung out to dry.
He almost always has this incredulous look on his face:

Sam Trammell as Sam (how convienient).

Poor guy has been accused of murder a few times already this year, been chased by a crazy bitch with a bull's head over her head (yep!), and got involved with no less than three women - one of whom had her heart cut out of her chest, one who left him for one of the undead, and the last of whom left him after her voodoo exorcism - that he incidentally paid for.
Oh, and people are always dying at his bar. Nice.

2) Lafayette Reynolds - what a freakin' hoot.

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette

Last year he served up an AIDS burger with a side of shut the F**k up to a belligerent patron at Merlottes, where he is a cook. He also prostituted himself, sold illegal vampire blood, and ran an online porn site. This year's been tougher yet. He was kidnapped and tortured by vampires in a basement dungeon and basically sold his soul for his release.
Always lively, he steals every scene he's in.

3) Godric

Allan Hyde as Godric (with doomed friend)

The 2000+ year old vamp - the maker of one of the main characters - came to realize vampires have made no progress in getting in touch with their humanity.
He's in touch with his, though.... as long as you don't piss him off.

4) Jessica and Hoyt.

Deborah Ann Woll and Jim Parrack

Turned vampire against her will, Jessica was just looking for someone to care about when she met Hoyt.
Annoyed at last by his controlling, overbearing mama, Hoyt is proud to have Jess as his 'first'...over and over again.
They provide alot of the shows comic relief - but their storyline is sweet and unexpected.

5) That Maryann is a freakin' lunatic.

Michelle Forbes as Maryann (with Chris Bauer as Andy Bellefleur)

The problem in Bon Temps right about now isn't vampires...
No no... it's the resident nutjob who is making everyone's eyes go all X-Files-like.

the ill-fated Daphne falls under Maryann's spell

Black eyes lead the way to complete and utter chaos. There have been no less than three orgies this season so far.. maybe more, I've lost count. And not only are people having ridiculous amounts of uninhibited sex, they're doing things like eating dirt and being gluttons at the buffet.
Maryann has brought true anarchy to town.

6) A side-note on the Maryann story is Eggs (as in Benedict) and Tara.

Mehcad Brooks and Rutina Wesley

Tara is lead character Sookie's best friend. When Maryann showed up the end of last season, so did Eggs. And Tara has been under both their influences ever since.
A side note of the side note: Eggs has the best six pack I may have ever seen. Whoa.

7) Speaking of fine looking forms:

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse

Do I need to say more?
Okay. I will.
Jason isn't the brightest crayon in the box, that's for sure. Last year he was accused of murder practically the entire season. This year he got all wrapped up in the semi-quasi cult - the vampire hating 'Fellowship of the Sun' (which in itself was a humorous side plot!)
No sense being stupid 'less you show it.
And thank goodness he shows it.

8) And now for the vampires. Cause that's really where the BLOOD in True Blood comes from, right?

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton

Yeah, I know there are alot of Team Eric fans out there, but truth be told, I read the books first - and as much as I grew to love the character of Eric, I still was on Team Bill.
The dark-haired, blue-eyed brooding vamp is hard not to like.
And Moyer plays the character with so many layers.
Bill is a true southern gentleman. When he's not exacting revenge on someone for hurting Sookie.

Moyer with Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse)

As Sookie's first serious boyfriend, he is very protective of her. He is much more in touch with his humanity than most vamps, but as we've seen this season, that certainly wasn't always the case.

9) Eric Northman

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric

Eric's part has been increasing and amping up alot this year, in particular these last several episodes. 'Sheriff' of Area 5, this thousand year old former Viking runs the vampire hot-spot Fangtasia - but as of late has been making a play for Sookie.
He enjoys the bantering he incurs with Bill when he gets in between him and Sookie. He is completely crass, beyond arrogant, and totally domineering - but we've seen in the last few shows that it is possible Eric does indeed, still have a touch of humanity left.
Anyone who's read the books knows what's coming and it can only be assumed that Eric's part will continue to grow.
(That could be construed in two ways. Get my drift?)

Now if THAT pic doesn't make me want to switch over to Team Eric, nothing will.

10) Alan Ball, True Blood's creator... I mean, this is the man that brought you American Beauty and Six Feet Under.
The man continues to produce a stellar and impressive body of work, and True Blood is no exception. The witty writing, notable set designs, inspired casting, and flat-out superior production are all parts of his brain child.
Sure, Charlaine Harris gave him a helluva body of work to procure from, but he's turned it into one of the more memorable shows of this decade. And one of the best genre shows of our time.

Of course that's only one over-hyped fan's opinion ;)


Monster Scholar said...

Has that picture of Sookie and Eric been photoshoped? If not what episode is it from!?!?!
I completely agree with this entire list. I'm one of those cheap bastards who doesn't have HBO but I have a good friend who keeps me in the know via VhS tapes. Good times

Pax Romano said...

Great show, True Blood. And as much as I love Sam, Eggs (be still my beating heart), Hoyt (adorkable) and Bill; my heart (which hopefully will not be torn out of my chest and baked into a souffle) belongs to Maryann - my favorite villain since...I don't know when.

obxfreak68 said...

Hey Monster Scholar - No photoshopping!! That pic of Eric and Sookie is from the most recent episode ('I will rise up', ep.2 x 09)...You gotta see it. Seriously.

B-Sol said...

Excellent post! You did a fine job of summing up the many reasons why this show is very much worth watching.

dwizardz said...

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