Sunday, July 18, 2010

Netflix Rocks Horror...Instantly!

Netflix, while single-handedly reinventing the wheel and revolutionizing the DVD rental business, has brought movies to those of us who no longer have another rental option available.
You lucky dogs who live in or close to cities have Redbox in your local grocery stores and/or a Blockbuster right down the street are too fortunate to realize your blessings.

I live in the sticks. Well, maybe not the sticks - but close enough. And when my local rental place closed down I was shit outta luck as far as renting movies. It became extraordinarily expensive to just buy everything I wanted to see, and even getting HBO was a moot point because everything they show has been out for months.
You can hear me rant and rave about this subject here.

Suffice it to say that I am in love with Netflix. It brings me movie after movie into my mailbox (and who doesn't like getting something other than bills?) and puts a smile on my face when I realize I don't have to drop a fortune at Wal-Mart or Target on DVDs I might never watch again.
I have only a two day turnaround for movies which means I could conceivably watch up to say, six movies a week with the plan I have. Yep, new releases too of course.
Add to that the fact that you can watch tons of movies right on your computer (or with a Wii) instantly....and seriously, who can deny it's a great deal?

Of course I realize many people do not have Netflix, but for those who do, I really feel I have to mention the plethora of decent horror films they now have available on their 'watch instantly' feature.

(And please forgive me for not linking all the films...I would have been at my computer for a whole day doing that! But you can look any and/or all these films up on Netflix, Amazon, or IMDB. Please do so.)

Included in the awesomeness:

I can tell you I personally watched every one of these films (not necessarily on Netflix mind you) and they are all worthy of your attention.
So seriously, if this didn't make non-subscribers want to jump on this bandwagon - for the instant watch if nothing else - I don't know what would.

I'm thinking I should get some sort of compensation for this lovely infomercial here...

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michelle said...

I loved Netflix when I had it a few years ago, and it's significantly better now. I plan on getting it again soon, mostly because they've really amped up what is available instantly since I was last a member. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Will Errickson said...

My girlfriend recently got the Netflix Wii disc and it is indeed an amazing entertainment deal.

Matt-suzaka said...

I have a crazy love for Netflix, and since instant watch went live on XBox a year or so ago, it has changed the game for the better. I spend SOOOOOO much less money buying movies that I will watch once, plus it has become another place for me to look when deciding what to watch. It's not the same, but is the modern day version of searching through the VHS cassettes at video stores, but even better with reviews and the ability to stop watching and put on something else if you so choose. It's fucking great.

Andrei said...

Oh man, I wish I lived in the US. I would exploit the hell out of Netflix, ha!

Scare Sarah said...

I don't have Netflix - it sounds awesome! I do have a Brit TV subscription where I can instantly view new and old films, some for free. It has changed my horror film viewing!