Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please Help.

As all are well aware that there is a crisis of maximum proportions over in Japan, I will get straight to the point.   If everyone would just donate a measly $9.99 of their petty cash - you know, the money you spend at Starbucks everyday or spend at Wal Mart for that ridiculous DVD set of all three Boogeyman movies, we could all make a difference for people that don't have anywhere to sleep at night, no clean water, no food, and possibly no family.  
Japan is a wealthy, first-world country, and were probably the most prepared of anyone for this kind of disaster, so it goes to prove that mother nature is a real bitch and doesn't care who you are.  Add to that the growing threat of nuclear meltdown and I just don't think it could get any worse.

Even if you don't have $9.99, send what you can - you'll feel the better for it.  And always, keep Japan in your prayers and thoughts - no matter what religion you do or do not follow. 

If you need further proof that things are as bad as they can get over there, I beg you to go here
You'll be back here in a wink.

I thank you, and Japan thanks you.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

done and done... well i did before the post and i didn't have that kind of money, so gave what i could...

thank you for caring!

Pax Romano said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Chris.

Christine Hadden said...

Thanks Jeremy! Every little bit helps.

And of course, Pax. We are of like minds and like hearts I think ;o)