Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Battle Royale

The Collector

The Birds

I Spit On Your Grave



Jeremy [Retro] said...

garrrrr.... some great sunday stuff, i want to know how you find your stuff from week to week?
happy sunday!

Christine Hadden said...

Well Jeremy, Google is a girl's best friend, it really is. I also have a list (because I am apparently OCD) of all the horror films I own, and seeing as how it's fairly extensive, I can pull a lot from it. Bloody scenes in horror are a dime a dozen. But I do admit to sometimes being at a loss - to which I then simply google something like "italian horror" or "blood and guts". Easy peasy.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

maybe you could do a series of head removals, rabid animals, medical mishaps, serial killers, violent cartoons, etc.

cause it would not be a sunday, without a little blood.

Catherine Meyers said...

Hey Christine,

Been reading your blog and I find it great. I can recommend Battle Royale as a really great gory movie, japanese "horror" is excellent.
Also, I'm and admin of a web/blog directory myself, so I was wondering if you might be interested in a link exchange. Let me know =)

Catherine Meyers

Christine Hadden said...

Catherine: I've seen the joy that is Battle Royale, loved it. Love most foreign horror actually.
Email me re: link exchange.

Anonymous said...

I can't sympathize with woman from I spit on your grave because:
1) Two weeks after rape, woman would be heartbroken, willing to bring attackers to justice and move on, if she was normal before rape. By that, I had a feeling that it was something seriously wrong woth her even before the rape.
2) One of her victaims was mentaly retarded.
3) She is hypocritic towards religion (praying God for forgivness BEFORE wilingly and freedomly killing five people.
4) By doing so, I felt like she became Like her rapists, or even worse.
Is it something wrong with me for feeling that way? Anybody else feels the same? Please, please answer me.

Christine Hadden said...

ANONYMOUS: Obviously, you are a man.

First of all, many women who are victims of rape are unable to come to terms with what has happened to them and are ashamed, frightened, or both. You saying that "if she was normal before the rape" she would be willing to move on is just utter ridiculous drivel.

Secondly, one of her "victims" was mentally retarded - your point? The same said individual whom you are calling a victim, did indeed RAPE her - and I think she was the victim, not him. Just because someone is retarded doesn't give them a pass to commit a crime or behave heinously. Seriously.

Thirdly, you missed the entire point of her going to the church to ask forgiveness for the crimes she was about to commit. I can't comment further on that because you apparently have no clue.

And lastly, while it is true that more violence is not the answer to crime, this was A MOVIE. The entire premise of the film was revenge.
Why are you even watching horror films?
There. I answered you.