Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Life In Films: Part 3: The 90's

As I move into a new decade of films to spotlight, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that the nineties were not exactly booming with awesome horror films, in my humble opinion.  In fact, it was difficult in a couple of cases to even find a movie I liked well enough to choose. 

But that being said, I was still able to find some titles that tickled my fancy and that I appreciated enough to include on such a list.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention my hero, The Mike - of From Midnight, With Love fame, who inspired me to tackle this little list - which turned out to be not so little when you factor in how many years I've been alive and the addition of non-horror films which I couldn't resist listing.
After all, aren't you the least bit curious to see if I ever watch anything that doesn't have guts, gore or ghosts in it??

So from the land of Japanese horror remakes, Nazis, teens in trouble, big-ass dinosaurs, deadly sins, and Wes Craven's return to form, I give you - my 90's.

MISERY, 1990
This is one of my favorite Stephen King books and the adaption here is truly awesome.
I don't know what else I can say about a movie with the phrase:
"He didn't get out of the cock-a-doodie car!"

Honorable mention:  GHOST

Sure, I can be a romantic. In fact, I love romantic movies, done right.  And since this one has a little hint of spookiness, it's all the better.  And I love Patrick Swayze.  Loved, that is.  (*tear*)

Okay, so I won't bore you again by mentioning this movie was literally filmed in my small home town.
But I will say it's one goddamned excellent film, and that cannot be denied.
"One more thing.  Love your suit."

Honorable mention:  THELMA & LOUISE
And no, not because of Brad Pitt and his Levi's. 
Because it kicks ass and takes names later.

I've always had a thing for this movie, and with good reason.
Tony Todd is an icon here, and scares me more than Freddy and Jason combined.

For every man that was scared by Fatal Attraction, there are an equal amount of parents who had the piss scared out of them watching this movie.  It's hard to find good child care, isn't it?

To every asshole that says this is not a horror movie, I say you're flat-out lying if you say you weren't shaking in your boots when that T-Rex trashed that Ford Explorer. 

Honorable mention:  THE FUGITIVE
My favorite Harrison Ford movie, and that's saying a lot - cause I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan.
Tommy Lee Jones is equally as impressive here.  The film rocks.

Quite honestly, I could find no other film from 1994 that really spoke to me.  And let me just say I hate Tom Cruise as Lestat.  Not to say that he didn't do a fine job here, I just never saw him as the charismatic vamp that I read about in all those books.  Still don't.  Sorry. 
But the film itself is lush, atmospheric, and does the book justice. 
Honorable mention:  FORREST GUMP
A movie like this doesn't come around every day.  And while I know it has legions of haters, to them I say you just don't get it, and you probably never will.  This film has my heart.  So there.

SE7EN, 1995
I am still affected every time I watch this film.  It's hard to sit through, but the acting is great, the storyline greater, and the devastating ending - sublime.

Honorable mention:  MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS
I'm a music geek.  Always have been.  And this film moved me to tears the first time I saw it. Besides Jaws, I never really liked Richard Dreyfuss much until I saw this movie. 
He was robbed of an Academy Award that year by the depressing performance by Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.
Anyone who cares about music and music education should give this one a look.

Yeah, I could have went with Scream here. Or From Dusk Till Dawn. Both are movies I enjoy and own. But The Craft is just one of those movies you know you probably shouldn't like as well as you do but you throw caution to the wind and say Fuck it, I like this!

Honorable mention:  TWISTER
It should really embarrass me when I say that I have the lines in this movie memorized from frequent viewings.  But it doesn't.  I effing love this summer popcorn disaster flick. 
"I gotta go Julia, we got cows..."

Laugh all you want, this is my '97 film and I'm sticking with it.  For some reason, I really dug this predictable teen scream flick.  Maybe it was just the ocean location and the creepy, urban legend-steeped-fisherman hook-wielding killer, but I like it!

Honorable mention:  THE EDGE
I'm pretty sure the giant, 1500 pound Kodiak grizzly bear who starred in this film is 100% scarier than the fisherman from IKWYDLS.  This is a really cool adventure thriller - check it out.
And no...I didn't choose Titanic here. Let that shock settle.

Nazis scare the tar out of me.  Always have.  And why shouldn't they?
The first time I saw this Stephen King story put to film, it freaked me out quite rightly.
Oh, and I love Ian McKellan, don't you?

Honorable mention:  AMERICAN HISTORY X
Speaking of Nazi's:  this movie is one of the most powerful pieces of film making I have ever,
EVER seen.
I have no idea who won the Oscar that year but it was a serious error in judgment not to give it to the unbelievable performance of Edward Norton here. 
Oh, and it contains my "scariest moment on film, ever":  the curbing.  Yikes.

You didn't think I'd get through any kind of list without having Johnny Depp in here somewhere, did you? Nahhh!  Most of what JD does is golden to me, and he's pretty noticeable within the horror genre.  But Sleepy Hollow is such a grim, beautifully shot movie.  I love everything about it, in particular the Elfman score and the dark, moody atmosphere.  Oh, and Johnny of course.

Honorable mention:  THE CIDER HOUSE RULES
If you're wondering what this movie is all about, then you obviously haven't seen it and you need to.  It's on my top ten list, any genre.  I've seen it countless times and can't recommend it highly enough.

Next up:  the 2000's and beyond.  Some fine films to sort through.  Might be a rough one.
Coming soon.....


Budd said...

I have seen almost all of these except cider house rules and Thelma and Louise. I was going to have words with you if you snubbed Candy Man, but came away reassured.

Anonymous said...

Nice list! :)