Sunday, March 31, 2013


Friday was Fascination with Fear's 5th Anniversary.  Instead of celebrating in fine fashion I was trying to sleep off a stomach bug I've had for over a week.  I've been trying all month to think of a truly mind-shattering way to commemorate the occasion, but I'm coming up a little flat. Perhaps my brain isn't in full function mode just yet.

But let's put it this way, guys. I'm so thankful for this blog. It has made my life wonderful in so many ways. What started out as simply a little project for myself - a way to put down all my thoughts about the genre I loved best - it has turned into one of the most important aspects of my life.

Certainly the best thing about FWF is the fact that it has introduced me to some of the best people I know, some of whom have become extremely close friends and confidants. Most of whom I consider my life better for having met. I love my horror pals from all necks of the woods (and across the world)!

The horror community is a mixed pot. There's a lot of competition for attention. Some fighting amongst bloggers. A lot of jonesing for positions of prestige or influence. A lot of ridiculous antics that come and go. But more often than not, it's just a mutual affection between those who care about the same singular thing.

I've been lucky with this blog. Besides meeting fantabulous (just made that up) people, I've gotten a lot of really amazing opportunities thrown my way - getting published in both Paracinema and Fangoria have to be sitting at the top of that list. 
I also need to mention that Fascination with Fear has been nominated for the first time for a Rondo Hatton Award - one of the most prestigious honors for someone in the horror community.  If you feel so inclined, you can still vote for FWF (up until April 7) for this distinguished award.
Like everyone always says, it's just an honor to be nominated.  And that's the truth.

But the little things matter, too. A kind comment by a regular reader. Earning a mention on a top movie site like Total Film. A shout out from a fellow blogger on Facebook or Twitter. Getting to guest post on some of my very favorite blogs like Kindertrauma and Day of the Woman, and being able to share ideas and posts with a whole slew of great bloggers over the years.

This blog has been such a big part of my life for the past five years that now I can't imagine not having it.

And now I share it with my blogging counterpart, Marie.  Last year around this time I did a little searching to find someone to help keep the blog updated because of some real-life horrors that were getting me down and preventing me from posting as often as I'd like.  Thankfully, Marie happened into my life and she has been the burst of freshness that FWF needed.  So I thank her SO much for helping me and most of all for being such a wonderful friend!

In closing, I just want to thank everyone for supporting Fascination with Fear over the years.  There's more to come, so stay tuned!  And don't forget, comments are a blogger's catnip, so don't be a stranger!



systemshocks said...

Congratulations, Christine, on the blog and on your articles in Paracinema. Hope you feel better soon. All the best!

Chris Hewson said...

"Comments are a blogger's catnip"-AGREED!

Congrats on five years of blogging!

Marie said...

Awwwww, yay!!! Christine, I fucking love you and this blog! Seriously.

deadlydolls said...

Happy blogiversary! Keep up the outstanding work. You remain and shall ever be one of my absolute favorites.

Franco Macabro said...

Love reading your blog, one can tell from its content you love horror movies with a passion which is why I constantly return to check out your reviews and articles. Congrats on your fifth year!

James Gracey said...

Happy Birthday! It kinda goes without saying that I wish you (and Marie and Fascination with Fear) all the very best. Here's to another five years of outstanding writing and appreciation of all things spooky!

Lots of love and Merlot,
James X

Will Errickson said...

Congrats! Hope you rock on five more years - and beyond!

Christine Hadden said...

Jon: Thanks very much! I'm still fighting the bug but hope to get over it sooner rather than later!

Chris: Thanks!!

Marie: Love you, hun!

Emily: Aww, thanks! The feeling is mutual - you're one of my faves too!!

Francisco: I so appreciate you always checking the blog out, it means a lot to hear that, really! Thanks!

James: Aw, you know I love you and appreciate the kind words! Many thanks for all your support and especially your friendship! xo

Will: Thanks very much! And I wish you the same for TMHF! I love your blog so much!!