Monday, April 28, 2008

Austrian Abomination!

This absolute freak is Josef Fritzl.

Today the world found out just how miserably cruel
some people can be.

I was trying to decide which serial killer to shed some light

on and then I clicked on to find this lunatic's face all over it.

In case you haven't heard - he kept his daughter locked away in a catacomb like existence in their basement for 24 years.
YES, I said 24 years - and YES, I said his daughter.

But this is not the really disturbing part.

This is: he continually assaulted and raped her the entire
time and is the father of the seven children she has had.

Can anyone say light this man on fire and watch him burn?

As if that weren't bad enough... he and his supposedly unknowing
wife upstairs raised three of those children themselves.

Apparently the wife thought the daughter ran away (as daddy had

her write a note at age 18 saying as much) and at one point had kids and just dropped them off at the folks and left again.
Uh-huh. Happens all the time.

More bad news: the other four kids had it even worse.
One (of a pair of twins) died shortly after birth of neglect.
The other three (ages 19, 18 and 5), as well as the mother - never

saw the light of day in those 24 years.

Their eventual freedom came when the eldest daughter (the 19 year

old) became sick and had to go to the hospital. The child's mother had pinned an "SOS" note to her clothing and it was

Hence the police made this ghastly discovery. A series of rooms under
keyless lock to which Mr. Fritzl was the only one who had access to them.

The daughter, Elizabeth - age 42 now - is being evaluated and is under severe diress of course. She was only forthcoming with information after she was assured she would never have to see her father again.

Personally, I think no one should ever see his ugly ass again.
Take him out back and shoot him!

Man! People are just messed up.

My faith in humanity is seriously tested after this shit goes down.

For more on this developing story go to or pretty much any news source where it is currently being plastered all over.


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