Friday, April 11, 2008

Parking can be a bitch....


P2 (Widescreen Edition)P2 (Widescreen Edition)

I actually expected this to be rather a piece of crap, to be honest, because I don't remember hearing too much about it when it came out at the theaters.
But to be honest, it was a pretty good flick. Nothing to win any awards or anything, but in all, a fairly interesting thriller. At only about an hour & a half, it was just right. Any longer would have been too much time spent on making it interesting.

Even though the entire thing takes place inside a parking garage- hence the title P2- it kept my attention (as well as the hubby's, which is always the true test)... and the ending was relatively satisfying, so I really have few complaints.

Parking garages are, in fact, some of the most uncomfortably intimidating places anyway, for women in particular. The long walk to your car in the dark, shadowy confines of such a place is akin to walking in a cemetery at midnight. They're just creepy. Don't you always look over your shoulder every time you're in one? I know I do.

Poor Angela - It's Christmas Eve and she's already late for dinner with her family. She is at last leaving work and once at the adjacent parking garage, she discovers (convieniently) that her car won't start. Everyone else is already gone due to the holiday and it is established earlier that the building will be closed for three days due to the holiday. She is without cell phone service, so she wanders around and locates the office of the security guard, Thomas, who seems overly anxious to help her out. After he tries to jump start her car to no avail, he weirdly suggests she join him for a holiday dinner there in his office. She politely declines, after which he proceeds to basically kidnap her and make her holiday a living hell.

Thomas (Wes Bentley of 'American Beauty' fame) is a stalker. A voyeur. A goddamned lunatic. He teeters back and forth between just a little bit "off" to psychopathic madness. It's obvious he has been stalking Angela (Rachel Nichols) for quite some time. He knows way too much about her and from the views on his multiple closed circuit monitors, he watches her pretty much 24/7.
He even saw a co-worker make the moves on her in the elevator, an act he doesn't take lightly. His revenge on her fellow employee bursts a bit of gore into the mix, and there is more where that came from.

The ending was predictable but enjoyable at the same time. You still find yourself yelling out loud to Thomas: "Merry freakin' Christmas, asshole!" - you know??

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