Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Memorable Moments In Horror: So This Would Be Part 11, Right?

About a year and a half ago I did a series on this blog called Memorable Moments in Horror.  I think in total I picked about a hundred or so moments within movies that resonate with me, freaked me out, and had me thinking about them long after.  Well it seems a hundred just isn't enough.  Between remembering bits in movies I forgot and adding new movies made within the last couple years, I came up with a whole slew of new ones. 
And once again, there will be several parts...

So here goes:

A glance across the lake (The Innocents)

Farmer Bill burns down the house with his wife & kids inside.
(The Crazies, 2010)

"What are you doing here?"  (Session 9)

The Reveal  (Rosemary's Baby)

...No Swimming  (Creepshow:  The Raft)

Beautiful death courtesy of Argento.   (Suspiria)

The only demonic rabbit I know.  (Donnie Darko)

Just an owl??  (The Fourth Kind)

A feast for the wolves   (Frozen)

Meeting the (scary-as-shit) Pale Man  (Pan's Labyrinth)


Dr. Jimmy Terror said...

I'm still irked by the scene in the Raft. Still. Creepshow II was on the other night. Watched all of Old Chief Woodenhead and then decided I didn't want to have oil slick nightmares. I totally pussed!

Christine Hadden said...

I think Creepshow 2 is pretty underrated actually. My fave is the Hitchhiker one. That dude haunted my dreams for months afterward. I just kept hearing "Thanks for the ride, lady!" Aahhh!

babyfivetongues said...

Looking at a snapshot of the Pale Man while listening to Julee Cruise. Thanks. You rule.

Did you like Frozen? I had to watch it on fast forward. The dialogue was painful.

Christine Hadden said...

Actually, I did enjoy Frozen quite a bit. I WAS annoyed with the girl character on several occasions and *SPOILER ALERT FOR OTHERS* was rather ticked that it was her that lived. Thought there should have been a 'final guy' instead. But I thought the tension was palpable and after watching it decided I would certainly NEVER go skiing. Like, ever.

Budd said...

did the boat ride in Willy Wonka make this list at some point?

Christine Hadden said...

Budd: Just for you, I'm going to add it to the next round. It hadn't crossed my mind, but damn well should have. Quite frightening!