Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Notes For A Late Tuesday Night

It seems like quite a long time since I've done one of these "random notes" posts, and I don't know why - because I always have ridiculously random thoughts running through my head. Especially at 3am when I am lying awake and can't sleep.
Anyway, I've got a little collection of stray contemplations to share.

*First off, I want to direct your attention to DR. TERROR'S BLOG OF HORRORS, who is currently celebrating another madcap week of Italian horror. It is a seriously unmatched conglomeration of awe-inspiring posts and articles completely focused on (wait for it.....) Italian horror.  There is so much goodness at this site this week (well, all of the time, really...but especially right now) that you simply must take the time to check it out.

Yours truly also has a few posts for your perusal over there as well, one of which has already posted and is a review of.....nope, not so fast...not gonna tell you. Click HERE to find out.  I do believe my other contribution will post tomorrow, so be sure to check it out too.

Your host, Jimmy Terror, works like a fiend to make this week the rousing success it most certainly is, so throw him a bone - and a few comments!  He has a great line-up of some of the best horror scribes among us and some giveaways to boot. So GO THERE NOW!

*Question: Who is going to see The Conjuring this weekend? Anyone seen it in advance?  I'm pretty much dying to see it, though I do have some reservations about any film that claims to be a "true story". While I agree some of the spookiest films claim that very truth, it's really hard to suspend my disbelief in stories like The Amityville Horror, An American Haunting, and The Haunting in Connecticut.  But I will say the trailers I've seen for The Conjuring certainly evoke a chilling vibe.  I do believe we will have a review of the film up soon, so stay tuned for our take on the James Wan spook-fest. It does seem to have a reliable cast, with Lili Taylor, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson attached.  Time (and box office receipts) will tell.

*True Blood.  SEASON 7.  Yes!
HBO just announced the supernatural phenom that has been a staple on the cable network these last six years has just been renewed for a seventh gore-infested, sex-driven season.  As campy as it may be, I still very much look forward to my Sunday nights with Eric, Bill, Sam, Alcide, Jason....oh, and Sookie I guess.
Seriously though, isn't Pam the best?  She steals the show every damn time she's on the screen.
I am very nervous about the next few upcoming episodes though.  It's said that a MAJOR character dies this season, and I'm on the edge of my couch with worry hoping to hell it's not going to be Eric or Pam.
Unfortunately, this past week's episode put the two of them in a very precarious situation at the end. They are stuck in a brightly lit room, both armed with stakes and expected to fight to the (true) death.
Will it be one of them? Gah! I hope not!

*So. There is a lot of talk about a certain horror writer/journalist that took it upon herself to lift other people's work and pass it off as her own. It's called plagiarism. It's also a really shitty thing to do.
But in lieu of lambasting and persecuting this female any more than she already has been, I want you to instead click HERE.  BJ Colangelo of the stellar horror blog DAY OF THE WOMAN has written a list of horror journalists that deserve your attention more than someone whose career has just dissolved yet still seems to be getting an inappropriate amount of regard.  The horror community is on fire with all the particulars of the "crime" but I just really don't want to dwell. I want to move on, and you should too. Hence, BJ's article. Do check it out, and take in the array of writers that she highlights who are doing fine work to keep horror alive, and doing so with original ideas, hard work, and passion for the genre.
(On a personal note, I'd like to say thanks to BJ for including the likes of this humble writer with such an outstanding group of women.)

*Paranormal Activity 5 may be delayed and not released this Halloween!
Care factor: ZERO.

*Halloween is just around the corner. No, really!  A little over three months away, the favorite holiday of all us horror fanatics looms large in particular for horror bloggers, who always like to have something special lined up for the month.  Here at FWF we are no different.  Marie and I are hard at work, wracking our brain to come up with something distinctive and memorable. The last few years have had the very popular "Festival of Lists", which though we realize is great fun to read, it is not quite as enchanting to write.  Lists are part of this blog's bread and butter, but I have to admit that the pressure of coming up with a different list for every day of the month (and as the month goes on, the lists gets longer, coordinating with the day of the month) is mind-boggling.  It is with a heavy heart that I admit it is just not within my power to do it again this year. I've acquired a lot of family responsibilities in recent months, which doesn't leave me as much time to gather thoughts to make up such exhaustive lists.  But wait! That doesn't mean we aren't doing something special for the month of October. We will have something lined up, and in fact are currently working on just that. So never fear, Fascination with Fear will (hopefully) blow your mind again this year!
On that note, if anyone has a staggeringly great concept be sure to let us know. And by that I mean, if there is anything you'd like us to possibly pursue, drop us a comment or an email.  We're always looking to freshen things up and try new ideas.

*That's all for now. Just wanted to air some thoughts and let you know what's going on in the House of Fear.


Christine Hadden said...

Umm...JBH - Next time, maybe if you spell my name right I might post your lewd comment.

Marie said...

Jesus Christ...

jervaise brooke hamster said...

How did i miss-spell it little darlin` ?. What an amazing babe you are.

Christine Hadden said...

At the risk of sounding like Carrie White here.... it's HADDEN, my perverted little friend.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

The much hyped remake is being released for Halloween, i bet you`re looking forward to that one, and i bet your reveiw of it will be superb, as always babe.