Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spreading The Fear: Guest Post At "The Lightning Bug's Lair" Explains WHY HORROR MATTERS...

Just wanted to take a moment to mention a featured series that one of my favorite bloggers (and my official internet cousin), Zachary Kelley has running at his blog - THE LIGHTNING BUG'S LAIR - this hot and sweaty August.

The Lair is celebrating five years this month, and you and I are reaping the benefits as he is bringing us a month-long series featuring several guest writers taking their turn explaining "Why (enter specific genre) Matters". It's a clever idea, and he's backing it up with talented writers that I feel quite honored to be in company with.

First in the series was Nigel Maskell of ITALIAN FILM REVIEW speaking, naturally, on Why Italian Genre Film Matters.  An astute scholarly brilliance shines through in everything Nigel writes, so I'm sure anyone who is a fan of Italian cinema (and who isn't, really?) will want to check out his thoughts on the subject.

My guest post went up today, and it's something all fans of FASCINATION WITH FEAR (and horror buffs in general) will appreciate: Why Horror Matters

I enjoyed writing this essay very much, and had to keep myself in check so that I wouldn't ramble on too damn long.  Horror fans are notoriously rabid and obsessive about defending their genre, to which I feel I have done justice here.

So take a look at my entry, and keep an eye on The Lair the rest of this month - this is gonna be a hot one!

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