Thursday, September 26, 2013

TV Heats Up With Horror: Coming Attractions Autumn 2013

~ by Marie Robinson

I don’t know if it is just me, but it seems like there are a lot more horror series on at one time than ever before. Which is excellent for us! Here’s the scoop on some of the upcoming October television programs that are shot with a darker lens…

This immensely popular, critically acclaimed zombie-thriller series returns this October for its fourth season on AMC. Based on a graphic novel, The Walking Dead has received insane amounts of success, including multiple award nominations and even a possible spin-off. There will be two new cast members joining the ranks this season—Christian Serratos (Twilight Saga) will be playing Rosita Espinosa, and Larry Gilliard Jr. (The Wire) will be playing Bob Stookey.
In anticipation of the upcoming season AMC has released several clips and still from episodes to come, as well as some teasers, promo posters, and glances behind the scenes. You can find most of this stuff by heading to The Walking Dead’s page on AMC’s website, HERE.

And here's a sneak peak:

This October FX’s American Horror Story is returning for its third season. One of the things that sets AHS apart is that each season has it’s own individual storyline, and although a handful of the actors repeat (Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe), their characters change. The upcoming season is called Coven and focuses on a school for witches set in New Orleans.
American Horror Story is known for their innovative and breathtaking promotions, in teaser and poster form. You can watch all the spooky teasers and clips HERE at FX, and LTV has been kind enough to gather all of the posters as well as some on-set shots; check that out HERE.

And the teaser:

Two weeks ago FOX launched their brand new series Sleepy Hollow, starring Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison. The show finds Washington Irving’s classic tale set in the modern day, as Ichabod Crane (Mison) finds himself in the present to help save the world from its demise.

Off to a strong start, Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Central.
 HERE  is the show’s official website where you can check out all the tidbits as she series progresses. If you are like me and have yet to begin watching, why not start with the promo below?

Lifetime’s new show, Witches of East End will premiere October 6th. The plot concerns a woman and her two daughters who are about to find out a nasty little trait they inherited from their elders—witchcraft! Based on a best-selling novel by Melissa de la Cruz, Witches of East End looks like an updated Charmed with a lot more sex appeal. I could get into it.
Check out photos and video clips at Lifetime’s website.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) will star as Dracula in the new NBC series premiering October 25th. Other classic characters such as Mina and Van Helsing will also be on the show, which takes place in late 1800’s London, where the Count has come to exact revenge on those who made his life a living hell all those many years ago.

NBC’s website only has a few photos, but Bloody Disgusting posted an article with character sheets, a poster, and a promo. Check it out HERE.

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Rachel said...

Apparently witches are big this season! I have all of these ready to record except for Witches of East End. I had no idea! I'll add that too :)