Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanks Be to Horror, Part 3

We've reached the final part of my thankful posts here in part 3.  I'm thankful for all the blessings in my life, but certainly one of the things I hold most dear is my love of the genre that defines who I am, makes me happy when I'm down, and gives me the fulfillment in life that many people lack.  Horror in its many forms is the light at the end of my tunnel and the very marrow of my existence.
And with that sentiment, I give you the remainder of my list of gratefulness....

21) 80's Horror ~ I wouldn't be where I am today without having seen such films as Friday the 13th, April Fool's Day, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Creepshow, Night of the Comet, The Evil Dead, Pumpkinhead, The Lost Boys....the list goes on and on.  I was a teenager in the eighties, so I saw a lot of classic horror films at the theater, where they formed my love of the genre and had me seeking out more.  Though many of my favorite horror films were made in the 70's, if I hadn't seen those 80's standards, I may not have been as drawn to the genre and god forbid - might be writing a blog about bad romantic comedies.... Gah!

22) Screeners ~ Ordinarily I wouldn't think to say thanks for receiving screeners of films in the mail from production companies, but here's my chance to be grateful. I've discovered a lot of hidden gems (and a bunch of throwaways, truth be told) this way, and I have to give a shout out to anyone and everyone that has ever sent me a movie in the mail.  Don't be discouraged if I didn't review your film.  I get a lot in the mail and I watch a ton that I never get a chance to write about for one reason or another.  In any event, thank you for sending me your work. It's always appreciated.  This goes for all the ARC books I've gotten as well.  Like I said, chances are I've read your work, but I don't have enough time in my day to get up reviews of everything.  It could still happen though!!  Regardless, thank you!

23) Hitchcock ~ To my favorite director:  I love you and thank you for making my life complete. I don't own all your films yet, but I'm working on it. Thank you most of all for Psycho. I know it wasn't easy getting that film made, but damn if it wasn't worth it. Appreciative thanks also for Vertigo, The Birds, Strangers on a Train, Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, and Notorious.  While I like pretty much everything of yours I've seen, those seven movies are my favorites. I've heard a lot about you being one weird bird, but I'm guessing that craziness served you well. It certainly helped me fall in love with your work. Thanks again, Hitch!

24) The Top Secret Eli Roth Project ~ While I can't say a lot right now, I will say that I've been given a profoundly exciting writing opportunity to be a part of something that is going to change horror substantially in the future. Both Marie and I will be writing for this special project, and just knowing that Eli Roth is behind it and has his people hand-picking the writing staff has me pretty psyched. We'll be working with some awesome fellow writers and friends, and believe me when I say this is going to be big.  Coming VERY SOON.
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25) Quiet Horror ~ I'm in love with the quiet horror film.  Movies that are subtle, slow-burners that although they don't have chainsaws, car chases, or people screaming while running through the woods, still pack a punch. Films like Session 9, The Abandoned, The Orphanage, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, Dead Birds, Let's Scare Jessica to Death, The Eclipse, The Woman in Black, The Eye, The Innkeepers, The Ninth Gate, even The Strangers...films that don't scream at you but still make you think.  Many ghost stories are like this, which probably goes hand in hand with the fact that ghost stories are my favorite sub-genre.

26) Fellow Horror Bloggers ~ I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by to say thank you to all the bloggers out there toiling away on their blogs, writing about their passion for horror.  I read so many blogs that I couldn't possibly list them all. And I've made some truly wonderful friends in this crazy community, some of which I consider extended family. And even though there is a lot of fighting and reprehensible behavior at times within this genre and those who write about it, there's a love and understanding that reaches far beyond the bad vibes.  So thanks to all my friends out there, keep up the great work!

27) Nox Arcana & Midnight Syndicate.  I think the first time I heard Midnight Syndicate was on vacation at the Outer Banks. There is a gigantic Christmas store in Manteo, N.C., and their top floor is a Halloween shop. I was perusing the wares and was suddenly aware of the most enchantingly creepy music playing in the background. Low and behold, I'd found the soundtrack to my life. Discovering Nox Arcana soon afterwards only added to my glee. Believe me, if you haven't experienced the haunting, gothic music that both of these artists bring to the table, you're really missing out.  Check out their websites with samples: NOX ARCANA and MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE. And of course you can buy both on and iTunes.

28) Michael Myers ~ Jason and Freddie don't have anything on my main man Michael.  Nor does that ugly sumbitch Leatherface or the S & M pretty-boy Pinhead. I'm thankful for Michael because the dude taught me fear. He taught me that blood and guts do not necessarily a suspenseful movie make. I love his no-nonsense attitude. He's pissed and he doesn't really have to tell you why. He just kills. I realize that when Halloween part II came out it introduced the whole sister angle, but I prefer to think of Mikey as simply, The Shape. No rhyme or reason to his killings, he is just pure and simply, evil.  By far the most intimidating slasher, period.

29)  Anticipation.  In the horror genre, I sometimes feel like the anticipation of the latest book, movie or television show is almost as exciting than the show itself.  When it was announced that The Walking Dead would be a television show, I was at first in a state of disbelief. First of all because it would be on AMC, which is so obviously NOT a premium cable station. How could they do it? Zombies on TV? Bloody, gory, violent zombies....? But then the hype started...and kept going until it was at a fever pitch.  The waiting for the series to start was agonizingly fun.  The same goes for a new novel (who wasn't beside themselves when Stephen King announced he was writing the long-awaited sequel to The Shining?) or the latest film to start a The Conjuring - or the remake of Oldboy?  While finally realizing the dream and reading the book or seeing the movie....or that first episode of usually great, I still feel the promise of the next great thing is almost better than the actual experience. It's what we horror fans live for!

30) And finally, I'm so very thankful for my partner in crime here on Fascination with Fear, Marie. Not only is she like a little sister to me, but she keeps the blog up and running when I am unable to post when life gets in the way. She's insightful, smart as a whip, and well versed in all things horror. I'm thankful every day that we happened into each others lives. And I don't think there's really any way to thank her for everything she's done and for being a wonderful friend. (But thanks anyway, Ms. Robinson - you rock!)
I'm also hoping she doesn't flip out for my posting her pic! :)

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