Friday, September 19, 2014

Dark Arts: Sam Wolfe Connelly

~by Marie Robinson

Art is inspiring. A painting turns a solid wall into a window—even a portal—into another world. In the Dark Arts series, the worlds are dark and unusual, and maybe even disturbingly familiar. They are realms of shadow, madness, violence and ethereal beauty. Indulge with me in our featured artist of the month.

Today we are highlighting Sam Wolfe Connelly, an artist from NYC whose worlds are haunted by strange and beautiful women.

His work has been featured in galleries all over the United States, and in a dozen different publications. He has done covers for Night Shade Books (Hitchers by Will McIntosh), Evil Ink Comics (The Amory Wars), Penguin Books (Love Stories by Ludmisha Petrushevska) and has illustrated stories for

Connelly’s oil paintings capture nocturnal visions of ghosts, witches, murderers, and some creatures we don’t have names for. They take place in shadow-veiled woods and old, dark houses. A few of his pieces appear like flash photography, and give one the sense that this moment—now captured—was never meant to be seen. It is tempting to get lost in the places Connelly creates, but be warned that once entered, one will not come out the same.

You can view all of Sam Wolfe Connnelly’s artwork at his website, HERE.






"BAT RIDER"  (editor's favorite!)

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