Sunday, October 28, 2012


 There is no way, no how, under NO circumstances that either of my cats would ever actually allow me to dress them up. I should have started it with Oliver when he was small, then maybe...maybe he'd out all dignity aside and allow me to put a costume on him.  Because you have to admit, no matter how crazy you have to be to dress your cat up, it's just pretty damn funny.  I think you'll agree....

I actually had an elderly neighbor that looked like this.

"I ain't got no spit..."

Jasper was mesmerized by the antennas.

The hat caused an abrupt shift in Sylvester's digestive mood...

'I may be dressed like Pocahontas but I can still do the cha-cha!"

That lobster bisque just isn't gonna taste the same.

"I thought Paddington was an effin' BEAR?"

Things that make ya go ARRRRGGGHH!

Janice put on her best outfit, hoping Steadman would come over after church to sip lemonade on the porch.

Scarlet was appalled to learn that someone stole her picnic basket!

'They didn't name me Cleo for nothing...'

Reginald could not be deterred from watching the game by a silly bat on a stick.

Maude hoped that Stanley would still recognize her at the Masquerade Ball.

"Follow me, young Otis...I will show you true bravery while you strum your guitar slowly."

Mavis wasn't sure what drew her eyes to the eye of newt, but she couldn't stop staring...

The alien thought his witch costume would disguise him so he could sneak into the party undetected.

Clancy was days away from taking his act on the road.

They told Winnie to let her hair down, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it.

"I will NOT look at the camera!"

"What do you mean Muffin got the part!? I was purrfect!'

At first glance, I didn't even notice the cat.

Waiter..there's too much pepper in my paprikash!

Say anything....but don't call him Catman.

Esmeralda wasn't sure the dress went with her yoga mat.

Eugenia knew she'd win the costume contest....her crown was to die for!

Harold and Eunice were well-dressed for the Sunday picnic...
You can never be too ready for the holidays...they're just around the corner you know!

"Hate is not a strong enough word..."


Dr Blood said...

The standing cat (Otis) is a photoshop job but the others are great.

I think you've created a meme-tastic post here which is sure to get quite a few hundred views. People love cats.

I dressed Willow up as a witch one year with a costume from Dollar Tree. She didn't mind the cape for five minutes, but she wouldn't have anything to do with the hat. It's the antenna on their heads, they hate hats.

Christine Hadden said...

As I said, I can't imagine either of my cats allowing me to dress them up, though I think Oliver would be more likely to allow a shirt or similar..but definitely NO hat, haha!

And cats are just naturals for these types of posts - they are so damned hilarious. They always look more pissed than dogs, which makes them ripe for comments...

James Gracey said...

JAYSUS!! I can't haz dignity?! ;)

Christine Hadden said...

James: ;)
Don't you just love cats. So full of expressions!