Saturday, March 29, 2008

Barking Mad....

The Breed (2007) is a dogs-gone-bad movie that is Exec Produced by Wes Craven.

I wondered what might be in store for me with this rental. Funny thing is, the cover of the DVD case looks like some serious CGI work, but in the movie itself, there was none. Thankfully, the dogs were just dogs. Highly trained, to be sure (and to be evident after watching the extras on how they were prepared for their roles as killers).
I have heard people complain that the dogs in this just aren't menacing enough, and truth be told, I did want to adopt a few of the cuddly fidos, but when they beared their teeth and lunged - it was Cujo all over.
Our little canine scare-fest begins with a quintet of college students blowing off some steam at a remote cabin on a lake owned by the uncle of two of the leads. Oliver Hudson (Kate's bro) is the bad brother, Eric Lively (Butterfly Effect 2) is the "good" one. Michelle Rodriguez (Lost) is a love interest who has been with both bros and is none the worse for wear.

Soon they discover a pack of wild dogs is menacing their cabin and making life quite unpleasant. Seems the pups were the product of genetic engineering gone bad and they are pretty pissed that they were left deserted on this hub of land. So when the five unlucky travelers land on their turf, they are going to make the most of the all you can eat buffet presented before them.

I actually found myself enjoying this movie. Glad the CGI was out. Sick of it sometimes, you know? It was back to movie-making basics on this set and I think it pays off. The acting was ok (except Hill Harper (CSI NY) , the token black guy who can't act his way out of a paper bag here. Is it the same guy??) but nothing spectacular.
All in all, worth a look.

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