Saturday, March 29, 2008

Into the mist.......

The hubby & I watched The Mist last night and I admit, we were certainly entertained.

I've heard all sorts of comments about it - in particular people were saying the ending was awful. Well let me say I thought the ending was fine. Simply perfect, yet not exactly like the story by Stephen King ("we're not worthy") included in the collection 'Skeleton Crew'.  It was a gutting finale, but really quite appropriate.

The Mist stars Thomas Jane (The Punisher) and Marcia Gay Harden (The Invisible) and is directed by Frank Darabont of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile fame.

It tells the story of an ordinary man (though he does play a somewhat famous artist - kinda like a famous author, eh?) living in Castle Rock (King's favorite little town of horrors) and going about the business of cleaning up after a rather ferocious storm has hit the town. He, his son and his sometime-litigating neighbor head to the local supermarket for some supplies. Once there, a foreboding mist closes in on the store and the entire surrounding area.

Now, if you're thinking "I've seen this all before. It was called "The Fog".... Not so fast. Stephen King always has a few tricks up his demented sleeve, and this time is no different.

Suffice it to say, they become trapped in the market with a slew of other neighborhood folks, including a gutsy store employee (Toby Jones) and an uber-religious screwball (Harden).

I just cannot give away the heart of the story - I don't like spoilers myself and won't subject you to it. But I'm sure most everyone has seen the commercials which show malevolent creatures of some sort raining down the fires of hell on the distraught folks.

Three words: We loved it.
Glad we bought it and it definitely warrants repeat viewings.
Forget the rumors and take it for what it is. A good scary 'monsters from the unknown' type of flick.

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