Friday, November 13, 2009

Memorable Moments in Horror - Part 4

Moving on...

*That friggin' clown in Poltergeist

*Death by sufuric acid in Untraceable

*The ball coming down the steps in The Changeling - after he'd thrown it off a bridge earlier

*The title character appearing in the graveyard in The Woman in Black

*Broken off fingernails lining the sides of the well in The Silence of the Lambs

*The trio of killers in The Strangers explaining that they picked the couple out "because you were home"

*That cutter chick slicing maggots out of her skin in Boogeyman 2

*The tree rape in The Evil Dead

*Michael Shannon ripping his teeth out in Bug

*Claustrophobia galore in The Descent (before you ever see the creatures)

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1 comment:

William Malmborg said...

Great moments. The clown one in Poltergeist always gets me. It just seems so unexpected when it happens.