Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Memorable Moments in Horror - Part 1

First I have to apologize for being "away from my desk" these last ten days or so.
I had posting burnout from all those quotes in October and needed a break.

So I was wondering what to post about (cause I can't seem to get my ass in gear to critique the last several horror movies I've seen) and thought I'd do my own personal list of "scariest movie moments"...
Yeah, I know Bravo has done at least three specials on this very subject... but everyone's opinions vary. Some of these were most certainly mentioned before - by me, even - but there are many that weren't. That said, I think I'll rephrase it as "Memorable Moments in Horror".
I think I'll post them in groups of ten, so in no particular order other than how they come to me, here goes.

*Samara coming out of the well (and later the damned tv) in The Ring

*Creepy ghost girl crawling down the steps at the end of The Grudge

*The hitchhiker in Creepshow 2 - "Thanks for the ride, lady!"

*The achilles tendon slice in Hostel

*Eva Galley in Ghost Story (pick a scene, any scene)

*Cerina Vincent shaving her legs in Cabin Fever

*The doppleganger's first appearance in The Abandoned

*Werewolf office scene in The Howling

*Michael Myers -not quite dead - in Halloween

*The last scene in the basement in The Blair Witch Project

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