Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the horizon for Fascination With Fear...

Thought I'd blog about a few random thoughts...some comments, a rant or two, and a bit about what's in store for Fascination With Fear in the coming months.

First off, it's Daybreakers weekend!

I think most people know I am a HUGE vampire fan. And this movie promises to hearken back to the era when vampires used to be damn scary. (Not that I don't like me some romantic vamps, so sue me!) But whoo-hoo! Vamps are sucking the humans dry and extinguishing the population as well as their own food source. Excellent concept, can't wait to see it. However...because I live in western Pennsylvania, it snows here in January. And we're right on the cusp of yet another winter storm. Arriving in
Hence, I think my viewing of Daybreakers may be postponed until next week on my day off work. Unless Sunday happens to shape up.

Can I please mention how amazed, gratified, humbled and truly thankful I am to all my friends out there in horror blogosphere-land? This week awards have been flying all over our sites and I, for one, didn't really expect to be so blessed. So thanks one last time to everyone who nominated me for an award, as well as all who follow me and click my links. (Sounds dirty, no?)

2009 was a revelation for me, meeting all my fine fellow bloggers out there, first just through the back and forth linking that we do, through the Ms. Horror Blogosphere (where I met twenty other female bloggers who share my passion!), and also through both Facebook and Twitter. I never thought I'd tweet much when I joined Twitter, but with all the horror fans out there and on there, I've never been lonely - so thanks.
And a separate thanks to B-Sol of The Vault of Horror - he knows how indebted I am (but he'll say I'm not!) to him for all the blog exposure for FWF. He's so kind, a truly nice guy - and you know there jusy aren't enough of them to go around anymore. And shit, that man knows his horror.

Now, I just have to say this. I am flat-out worried about this re-do of Let The Right One In.
Catch my drift? Is there a petition or something we can sign? Gah!
And the name is just dumb. Let Me In. WTF? Sounds like a movie about a disgruntled parent attempting to talk to their teenager who has holed up in their room and locked the door.
I suppose they were trying to keep it similar, but that's like calling a remake of Pride and Prejudice - Dignity and Discrimination.
It's just dumb. I hope they fail miserably. Not that I'm hostile or anything.

So...what's on the agenda for FWF?
Well, I'm planning a month-long homage to women in horror in February to celebrate "Women In Horror" month. But it won't be what you think. Instead of tributes to people like Jamie Lee Curtis or Sarah Langan, I'll be focusing on villains. Because let's face it, if we didn't have female villains sometimes, we'd have missed out on some of the greatest characters in horror. Carrie, Annie Wilkes, and of course, Mrs. Voorhees are on the slate, along with a few you may have forgotten. And the women who portray these antiheroes do such a convincing, impressive job that I had to give them kudos.
Wait for it....

Relatively new to my blog are the features 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', in which I post a few gory pics for your weekend viewing pleasure. I doubt I'll run out of possibilities any time soon.
Mindless Movie Monday is where I pick a movie that I feel you just need to check your brain at the door to watch it. Sometimes I'll actually like the film (case in point: Hell Night) - sometimes I'll steer you clear before you waste your time like I did (as in Summer Moon).

I'm working on a few other regular (or at least semi-regular) features, including one where I will do book reviews - mostly wrap ups of recent paranormal fiction I've read.
Now, I realize this might not be of interest to all you hard-core horror guys and gals - but after reading nothing but mainstream nasty horror for the last twenty years or so, I've relaxed a bit and been able to truly enjoy some great paranormal and urban fantasy fiction. Sometimes it's actually nice when things work out in the end and everyone isn't dead. Well, except the vampires of course, which is fine by me.
You guys like True Blood, right? Then I'm sure most of you know they came from source novels by Charlaine Harris... so without her and others of her kind, the world would be a Sookie-less disappointment.
Don't worry - I'll throw in a 'Heart-Shaped Box' or 'The Strain' occasionally. But last year I read eighty books, none of which I reviewed here because I didn't think them 'horrifying' enough.
In the end though, it's my blog, so you'll have to deal;)
Perhaps you might even find something that arouses your curiosity in the genre. Or just arouses you, whatever!

And one last thing. My pal Chuck over at Zombies DON'T Run has created a new horror forum, which I highly suggest joining. I'm sure they'll be a running dialogue of all things crazy people such as myself will enjoy ranting about. Great idea, Chuck!
Here's the link: Web Ring of Horror.
Go there now!

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William Malmborg said...

Sounds like this blog is going to continue being a great place to visit. Keep up the good work.

B-Sol said...

Wow. Thanks a million! And see, I told ya Twitter would be well worth pursuing!
I'll be watching what you're up to next to month, looks like it's going to be very interesting, what with all the Women in Horror month stuff going on...
It truly is a pleasure connecting with great blogs like yours. And no, you're not indebted ;-)

B-Movie Becky said...

Daybreakers was good, but not be too worried about postponing your visit to the cinemas.

Looking forward to your new features, especially the Women in Horror theme for next month!