Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pics of my stash...you asked, I delivered.

Okay, so here's my recent VHS haul. I promised pics, so here goes...

For those that don't know, I recently had a windfall of luck when an entire horror section of old VHS movies got thrown in my lap. When I mentioned it online, I had some interested folks wanting to see just what came my way.

As of now, they are all in boxes in my basement, because I have no idea what on earth I'm going to do with all of them. So amongst our recycling, birdseed, and Harley gear sit a whole shit load of VHS movies...with more on the way.

First up, above are the ones I grabbed up and took upstairs to watch first. I don't have any of these on DVD so I was jazzed to see them.

So I'll be expecting some recommendations of what to watch....some of these movies, quite a few of them actually, I've never seen. (And I think every 'Howling' movie is represented above...)

And honestly, I don't have much of a mind to pull out these "Critters" movies and watch them, so please....just no.

In the Mouth of Madness! It's been years. And The Terror - an early Jack Nicholson flick.

Was rather psyched to get The Blob! One of the better remakes out there.

The Relic and Dead Calm.... interesting.

All the Psycho flicks on VHS (to match my collection of each one on DVD, lol) and low and behold, The Evil Dead - in a hard case. And in FINE condition. Yay!

Some good shit here. Evil Dead 2, Pumpkinhead, Bride of Re-Animator....etc, etc.

Return of the Living Dead in a hard case. Nice. Also - Bad Taste, The Hitcher (original), and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sweet.

April Fool's Day, a couple of Child's Plays, Demons 2, and four Curses.

I laughed when I saw all those Puppet Master flicks. And Basket Case 2. Did I even see that?

Dracula & The Mummy: both the originals.

So anyway, that's the stash so far. Someone give me a clue what's good that I may not have seen!!


The Mike said...

On one hand, I'm terribly disappointed I didn't find a picture of you with a mustache here. Misread the title.

On the other hand, there's a copy of The Guardian in there! I so heart Friedkin.

Will you marry me?

Christine Hadden said...

Mike: lol, good one.
And nice to see some more love for The Guardian. I actually liked that quite a bit, she was damn spooky.
And though my hubby may object to your proposal, I will give it some thought. After all, he doesn't like horror that well! ;o)

Heather Santrous said...

No love for the Critters? How sad. I mean, I watched them so you should too. Then again, I watch just about everything. Very cool collection you got there!

Unlike Mike, I won't ask you to marry me.

Christine Hadden said...

Heather: Well, I have seen the first few Critters, and while they didn't suck, they did seem to kind of come off like a cross between a Gremlin and a porcupine ball. But anyway... guess I should have hung in there through at least the third one, I hear Leo DiCaprio had a starring role. Yikes.

stonerphonic said...

the only titles i found of interest were -

death spa coz it sounds like it might be full of tits

and -

the dentist. coz fuck me they ARE scary.

must admit i had a small chuckle at the servants of twilight (critter section)

the irony was not lost on me one little bit christine....

James said...

Christine!!!! Can I come live in your basement for a few weeks?? You are obviously going to need someone to help you trawl through this (envy-enducing) eye-widening stash. And top up your glass as we go, naturally.
Bloody hell - SO much good stuff there. And some utter tosh too, which is even better! Eighties-tastic. ;o)

Liam [Less Than Three Film] said...

I don't even have a VHS player, but this collection looks pant-wettingly good. JEALOUS.

ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said...

Hpw much can I pay you for some of those??!?!?!?! Nice collection babes!

Christine Hadden said...

Stoner: Even mentioning The Dentist (movie or otherwise) gives me the chills!

James: Of course you can live in my basement! Get your ass on a plane (well, IN a plane)!! My attic may be warmer though, it's been getting colder here at night ;)
Lord knows my hubby won't be watching any of them with me...boo!

And oh yes, there are some real "winners" in amongst them, to be sure. You'd NEED some of the red stuff just to get through them, lol.

Liam: I'm actually thinking of buying another VCR, just in case mine dies from all the attention ;)

Christine Hadden said...

Kristy: You need to come down here STAT and help me watch some of these bad boys! I've got an entire winter's worth of fun sitting in my basement :)

Mr. Gable said...

I'm jealous, there's some really hard to find titles in there.

I'd recommend you watch The Kindred. It's a pretty awesome monster story with tons of gore.

AbbyNormal said...

OMG! I am so envious. That stash is enough to make a horror fan drool! Congratulations on your luck!

eerie stories said...

Nice collection! I have almost all of them too and I found most of it on flea markets. If you're looking for some good ones, I'd suggest the following list:

American Gothic
Chopping Mall
Storm of the Century
The Guardian
The Sleeping Car
Pet Sematary
Salem's Lot
Sleepaway Camp
Children of the Corn
Village of the Damned
Prom Night
The Kindred
The Believers
Prince of Darkness

Anonymous said...

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adam kent said...

wow we have almost the same movie colection have you seen the chud movies