Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Rest of My Best: Completing a Top 50 List of Favorites

The month long list of posts I did for October highlighting my favorite 31 horror films was quite a task - not the actual posts (though that was more time-consuming than I had originally figured) - but making the actual list of favorites. How exceedingly difficult!

Even after I had chosen the movies I kept going over and over it in my head. What did I miss? What should I have picked instead of something I ultimately decided on?

So what I've done is pick nineteen more to basically make a list of my top fifty favorite horror films.
It's not a definitive list or anything, and is subject to change upon mood or my omission of a film I realize later is something that should be on the list. As before, there is no specific order or ranking (though Psycho, Jaws, and Halloween are my top three, definitively).

And because it is a list of MY favorites, there are probably some glaring omissions as far as others may be concerned - like perhaps A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So I do feel compelled to mention that if I were doing a list of 100, those films would perhaps make the cut. But I don't watch The Exorcist just for fun like I do so many of those on my list, I can't take all the damn screaming of Tx. Chainsaw, and you can all sue me for not being a very big Freddy fan.

These are my "comfort food" movies. Everyone has them. And I'm not one to conform, so you won't see me picking movies just because everyone else likes them. As you can tell.

Over the next several months I will attempt to review all of these movies, simply because I am a completist and feel the need to do so. But for now, just the list...

Barely escaping my top 31, this movie is truly frightening.

Carnival of Souls
I've been watching this one for years - such a great sense of dread throughout.

Let the Right One In / Let Me In
I was surprisingly happy with the remake and consider the original one of the vest vampire films ever.

The Commune
A new favorite of mine that evokes The Wicker Man and makes me cringe, which is good.

Seriously one of my ultimate favorite B-horror films.

The Thing
I'm still reeling from that scene with the sled dogs.

The Fog
Ahh, John Carpenter really does rule.

Another new fave of mine with an outstanding performance by Sam Rockwell.
Already reviewed HERE.

My Saturday afternoon staple as a kid. Much love.

April Fool's Day
Haters who dislike the ending are just...haters. Get over it.

The Serpent & The Rainbow
I love voodoo. Enough said.

Black Sunday
Two words: Barbara Steele

A tour de force performance by Kathy Bates. Terrifying.

No matter how much people may hate on the sequels, there's no denying the original was just that, original.

Yep, yet another Argento. I can't help myself.

The Devil's Backbone
Simply one of the scariest ghost stories I have ever seen.

The Resurrected
Dan O'Bannon, baby - Dan O'Bannon. From a Lovecraft tale. Whoa.

The Ninth Gate
There was NO way I'd leave Johnny Depp off this list, it was just a question of what to pick.
For the record, From Hell-Sleepy Hollow-Sweeney Todd- all tying for second.

Stir of Echoes
Millions dished out money for The Sixth Sense around the same time, but I prefer this tale - and not just because I'm a Kevin Bacon fan.

Reviews to follow....


Budd said...

You know, I forget about stir of Echos but it really was a great movie.

William Malmborg said...

Great list. I still haven't seen some of these and now really want to start checking them off. I think I will start with The Ninth Gate since I always hear good things about it. Then again, I hear a lot of good things about the rest of the list too!

Bleaux Leaux said...

Nice list. Kudos for giving Carnival of Souls and Ninth Gate some love; the first because its just one of of those offbeat public domain films that everyone should see, the second because I love it and most everyone else (except you, me, and maybe 23 other people) ignored it. That's my impression, anyway.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Christine, do you think you could post a picture of yourself wearing nothing but a skimpi bikini, The Hamster would really appreciate it baby.

Christine Hadden said...

JBH: Could you slit your throat and send me your larynx? I'd really appreciate it, thanks!