Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday: Travel Edition Part 2

So here's part two of the showcase of travel horror flicks. Heading to a foreign country for work or just some good times? To a mountain resort to clear your head?  Stopping off at the nearest rest area for a short break?  Counseling kids on summer vacation?  Or maybe just some frolicking in the ocean suits your fancy?
Perhaps it's just best to stay home...

An American Werewolf in London


The Serpent & The Rainbow


Cannibal Holocaust

The Ruins

The Human Centipede

Rest Stop

Friday the 13th

The Shining

Cannibal Campout


Cabin Fever


B.R. said...

Great list. Should I go out of my way to see Serpent and the Rainbow? I've heard about it, but is it really that good?

Christine Hadden said...

I personally LOVE The Serpent and the Rainbow. All that voodoo stuff intermingled with the "original" zombies (man-made in Haiti) is eerie goodness in my book.
It's no Oscar winner, but I do have it in my DVD collection and it is well-watched.

B.R. said...

I like the voodoo connection. The zombie plague/virus seems really over-used these days, and when you look at the old zombie movies, it was all about voodoo, or necromancy of some kind. Did you see that zombie movie made by Hammer in about '68, I think? The zombies looked just like Deadites. I kid you not. Same grey, pasty, peeling skin and I think they also had the white eyes. Sure, the movie was lame, but the make-up was not.

Christine Hadden said...

Do you know what that movie was called? I've seen a lot of Hammer, but can't recall that, so chances are I haven't seen it - or saw it so long ago on a Saturday afternoon that I've forgotten...

B.R. said...

The Plague of the Zombies, 1966.

Definitely worth checking out. I wonder if Raimi and Co. saw this movie in college?