Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday: Travel Edition Part 1

In honor of my vacation to Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks, I've decided to highlight pics from vacation and travel films.
Hard to imagine anyone wanting to spend time away from home after checking these out. 
Whether you are heading to the beach (like myself), exploring an uncharted cave, camping in the woods, trying to finish your novel in peace and quiet, spending the season at the family summer house, or just running off with your sweetie for some private time, it's always prudent to be overly cautious. 
After all, you never know just who (or what) might be lurking...right behind you.

The Descent: Part 2

I Spit On Your Grave


Wrong Turn

The Hills Have Eyes


Last House on the Left

Hostel 2

Wolf Creek

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A Perfect Getaway


Evil Dead II

Piranha 3D


iZombie said...

nummy, sunday... nummy, numb!

B.R. said...

Hey, what do you know? Bruce Campbell(a.k.a., Ash) standing in the midst of a bunch of crap. (hyuk, hyuk, hyuk)

Enjoy your vacation before the Deadites attack.