Monday, May 12, 2014

Dark Arts: Spotlight On Krist Mort

~ by Marie Robinson

If you like the imagery in the intro of American Horror Story: Coven, then you’ll like the photography of Krist Mort. That’s just something that the Austrian artist’s work immediately reminds me of, but be assured her images go much deeper and are much more haunting.

K. Mort
The ever-resourceful Mort taught herself how to use a camera and uses local wooded areas to find her inspiration, and often puts herself in front of the lens as a model. A powerful, sensual feminine figure is just one of the themes of Mort’s work—there is a lot of strange stuff that goes on in the woods after all, such as magic, rituals, and the presence of deities and spirits. 

Her artwork has been commissioned by several bands, such as Sisters of the Black Moon, and The Devil and the Universe.

You can view her photographs and spooky short films on her website, here (

"Promo pic for Evoking Eternity EP"

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James Gracey said...

I love these. Had never heard of Mort before now - thanks so much for sharing! :)