Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fusions Of Fright: BOOKHOUSE

~by Marie Robinson

I’m not a musician, and I am no expert on the subject but I do thoroughly enjoy music; for all of you readers out there who share a love for both music and horror, I present to you our newest feature, Fusions of Fright.

In this serial I’d like to highlight artists and albums that have a connection with horror and horror cinema. And I’m not talking about just soundtracks; I want to feature a wide variety of genres, all with a connecting theme of the ghastly and macabre. So, plug your headphones in, turn the volume up, and tune in to Fusions of Fright!

If you are a frequent reader of FWF you’ll know that I am a huge David Lynch fan, and therefore a fan of his early 90’s TV series, Twin Peaks. I’m certainly not the only one, and since the show’s premature death people have paid homage in a variety of ways. And it is here that I must turn you on to Bookhouse, a three-piece jazz band from Minneapolis, and their album, Ghostwood.
Josh Granowski, Chris Hepola, and Paul Fanfora have used their talent and affection for Twin Peaks to take songs from Angelo Badalamenti’s original score and reworked them into fresh, innovative new tracks.

cover for "Ghostwood"
Their single, “Into the Night”, replaces Julee Cruise’s pining vocals with Jenna Wyse, and the melody is played on bass rather than keyboard. The occasional belch of a horn and velvet hum of a cello give the song a little juice and a pounding heartbeat. Another favorite of mine is their rendition of “Laura Palmer’s Theme”, which before was mostly drawn-out synth climaxing with dramatic piano; Bookhouse’s version is more driving, lively and sinister. Bass and snare carry the melody, played on baritone clarinet, and while the original song brings me to thoughts of Laura’s innocence, this darker version reminds me of her mischievous nature.

Don’t take anything I said as if I am putting down Badalamenti’s score, because it is the original; however, I am truly impressed by Bookhouse (obviously a reference to the Bookhouse Boys) and the hard work they have put in to creating this interesting and exceptional record. They did it for the love of the show, and worked extensively with fans to make sure they knew the ins and outs of Twin Peaks. It is a good record on its own, but also a fascinating new way to keep Twin Peaks alive, which died much too soon. Take a listen to their single, “Into the Night” below, and buy their album Ghostwood on iTunes, Amazon, or vinyl here (


James Gracey said...

I love anything Twin Peaks related - and I absolutely loved this cover of Into the Night. Will seek out more stuff by Bookhouse - thanks for the heads up! ;)

Christine Hadden said...

Really great stuff, eh??