Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dark Arts: Joshua Hoffine

~by Marie Robinson

Joshua Hoffine, a fellow Midwesterner like myself, is a horror photographer who describes his photographs as “small movies”. They are packed with visual splendor, with no detail going unnoticed by the artist.

His work exists in the realm of childhood fears and nightmares, where innocence is threatened by boogeymen, witches, and psychos. They lurk in all the familiar places—the basement, the bathroom, and, oh yes, under the bed. An extra layer of intimacy is added to Hoffine’s artwork once you discover that nearly all of his sets are cleverly handcrafted and shot in his own home, and that his own daughters are often the subjects of his ghoulish visions.

He had been featured in countless newspapers and magazines and appears most recently in the latest issue of Fangoria discussing his latest project: Monster Prom. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter page, Hoffine will soon be completing his first short film entitled, “Black Lullaby”, which stars his daughter, Chloe, as a little girl who comes face to face with the boogeyman.

Below are just a few windows into his wonderfully unhinged worlds. You can view more at his website, here.




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