Tuesday, October 16, 2012


COUNT DRACULA. (Bram Stoker's Dracula) Creepy and wrinkly or young and romantic, I adore either side of the Count. Gary Oldman gives one helluva performance to boot! ~MR

EDWARD DALTON. (Daybreakers) Sympathetic to the human's plight and desire to live, Edward tried his best to be a nice guy. Normally I'm not the biggest Ethan Hawke fan, but this character was intriguing and just a little bit sexy. ~CH

JERRY DANDRIGE. (Fright Night) The new neighbor is suave and sexy. I wouldn't mind popping into the club and having him seduce me on the dance floor. Remake star Colin Farrell can't compete with Chris Sarandon. ~MR

DAMON SALVATORE (The Vampire Diaries) - With two Salvatores to pick from, the choice isn't easy...but the charismatic older brother with the come-hither eyes will always win in my book.  He has just enough devilish charm and one helluva mean streak to make any woman weak in the knees....or in blood supply. ~CH

LOUIS. (Interview with the Vampire) Kind-hearted with luscious locks to boot. Christine and I both prefer this bloodsucker to his master, Lestat. ~MR

MARTIN (Martin) - Probably the quirkiest vamp on our list, Romero's anti-hero uses syringes and razor blades to procure his victims, and yet the film is ambiguous enough that we're not sure that Martin is actually a fanged fiend or on the verge of a mental collapse.  But we love him either way. ~CH

COUNT DRACULA. (Dracula, 1979) Thank you Frank Langella, for bringing sexy back.  If you're gonna like the amorous style of vamp, you could do a lot worse. I've been in love with this count for years. ~CH

PRIEST SANG-HYEON.(Thirst)  I personally am glad this vamp left the church, he is too damn good-lookin' for the celibate life! ~MR

SPIKE. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) A bad-ass with a British accent and a bleach job. What more could you ask for? ~MR

CHRISTOPHER LEE.  In any Hammer film with fangs, Lee will always be the king of the vampires. He has a knack for bringing his own blend of fright and delight to the role of the blood-thirsty count. ~CH

ANGEL. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) Poor Buffy has TWO gorgeous vampires to choose from. If she's not going to call dibs on this sweet-eyed creature of the night, I will!~MR

BILL COMPTON. (True Blood) Although he is looked down on by most vampires for being kind of... a pussy, Bill is a charming, old-fashioned gentleman who is downright irresistible.~MR

PAM. (True Blood) She may be a little high-maintenance, but Pam is a bad-ass and a loyal protege. And boy, she can hold a grudge.~MR

NOSFERATU. (Nosferatu) He may not be a babe, but he is older and more respected than any other vampire on this list, and he has the most memorable (and creepy) appearance. Snow-white skin, long, clawed fingers, pointed ears and big, luminous eyes. Even his shadow is scary!~MR

ELI. (Let the Right One In) What looks like a little girl is a centuries-old vampire, and she is as lonely as she is hungry. Even though she could rip out my jugular with her teeth, I wouldn't mind hanging out with her. Maybe build some snowmen or something.~MR

ERIC NORTHMAN. (True Blood) I'm not saying we saved the best for last.  Okay, we might be saving the one we lust over the most for last.  Alexander Skarsgård is a combo of sweet and nasty, giving him the edge over most of his fanged counterparts. Finding out within these last two seasons that he does actually have a heart has only made him more attractive....and dangerous. ~CH


Franco Macabro said...

Excellent list, Loui would be my favorite too, he's got some class. I would add one more to the list: Santanico Pandamonioum (Salma Hayek) in From Dusk Till Dawn, that dance she does, wowzers, showstopper.

Budd said...

I liked Louis in the movie, but Lestat totally rocked the books. Good job adding Pam. I would throw Selma Hayek in there for guy type reasons.

Eric Williger said...

Martin is one of the best ever.

I'd add two characters from Near Dark to the list: Bill Paxton's Severen, because he's the coolest (and if Bill Paxton is playing a character, he automatically becomes the best in the movie), and Jenny Wright's Mae, because she's the only vampire that I have a major crush on.

Marie said...

I thought about adding her, for sure!]

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Yes! Severen! And Deacon Frost! Mmm, love those guys. I've never watched True Blood, so three of these are automatically lost on me. Looks like I might need to catch up on that one! Kudos for adding Dalton from Daybreakers, though. I was surprised at how much I liked that movie and Ethan Hawke as a pretty sexy and alluring vamp.

Spike and Angel are my boys!

Christine Hadden said...

TFC: Santánico is going to make an appearance on an upcoming list, I assure you. :)

Budd: Agreed, Lestat's character in the book was much more intriguing and crazy. I was not a fan of Tom Cruise when he was cast as Lestat, so it was hard to like him no matter what.
And like I told TFC, Salma is coming up....

Eric: I don't know why I didn't think of the Near Dark vamps. I just outright forgot. But if I were picking, I'd have went for Lance Henriksen.

Michele: Too many vamps to choose from! Maybe I should have waited to post the vamps around the 30th or so...? And may I wholeheartedly recommend True Blood. I can't say enough about how cool it is. Campy and just flat-out fun!

Denis D said...

Seriously? You include Ethan Hawke as EDWARD DALTON (?!?!?) and leave out Keith Southerland from Lost Boys?!?!? REALLY???????????

Christine Hadden said...

Well, Denis... First of all, this was not a "best-of" list, it was a "favorites" list - and since it is my blog, they are mine and Marie's personal choices. Secondly, I assume you meant KIEFER SUTHERLAND. Funny how you have such passion for him that you have to use such an insane number of exclamation points but you do not know how to spell his name. Again, our blog, our choices.

But thanks for reading!