Monday, November 17, 2014

Dark Arts: Christopher McKenney

Welcome back for another helping of Dark Arts, a monthly feature designed to stimulate your imagination and generate inspiration!

Today we turn our eye to photographer Christopher McKenney. I couldn’t turn up any information on him other than he is a horror surrealist photographer from Pennsylvania. No matter, we will let the faceless apparitions in his photos speak for themselves.

Hooded figures and cloth-cloaked spectres lurk in the fields and forests of McKenney’s work, and they are plotting something evil. Don’t follow their beckoning finger, don’t listen to their raspy words, no good can come of it. But it can’t hurt to just stop and look… right?

You can see more of Christopher McKenney’s work at his website,HERE.


Little Signs

The Calling


The Righteous Will Be Saved

The Hiding


the dirty pig said...

Happy Thanksgiving Christine, have a great time next week.

Christine Hadden said...

Thanks, Mr Pig.

i`m a hamster not a pig said...

My pleasure little darlin`.