Thursday, May 6, 2010

The moment they should have known better...

In horror, there are tons of stupid decisions made. Every day. Every hour.
Matter of fact I could probably fill up an entire book full of dumb ass moves that people have made in horror movies.
That quintessential moment where you scream at the movie screen or your tv, a warning not to go there or do that. Very often, the characters themselves are told straight out that it's not a good idea, but stupidity leaks out of every pore and off they go.

Here's a smattering of some of my favorites.
How many of these characters have you yelled at?

A place to spend the night, you say? Aww... HELL no!

Hypnotism is never a good idea.
(Stir of Echoes)

How about you don't drive your Mustang in the snow, ok? Trust me.

There's a reason it's so cheap...
(The Amityville Horror)

Don't pick this one up. Seriously not the best choice.
(Near Dark)

If you knew your niece died watching a video, would you watch it? Of course not!
(The Ring)

By all means, never take the shortcut!
(The Hills Have Eyes 2006)

Take my advice...don't just leave the dude there.
(I know what you did last summer)

For God's sake, don't go to Romania on vacation.

Don't agree to work for DeNiro.
(Angel Heart)

Seriously - who would actually spend the night here?
(The Legend of Hell House)

Do not ask this woman out on that date...
(Ghost Story)

You don't really want to work with kids that bad...
(Friday the 13th)

Don't ski uncharted territory.
(Cold Prey)

And while you're at it, don't go caving in uncharted caves either.
(The Descent)

If it seems too good to be true... it is.

You know what they say about Ouija boards...
(The Exorcist)

How about you don't let the redhead stay with you?
(Let's scare Jessica to death)

Drinking is not advised...

Turn back now. No, really.
(The Woman in Black)

Don't go in that house...
(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Don't do the interview...
(The Silence of the Lambs)

Don't eat that mushroom...

Heed the warnings. Don't go, Jack.
(The Shining)

Don't be looking for books the devil supposedly wrote...
(The Ninth Gate)

No, not that dance academy!

Don't pick up that hitchhiker.
(House of 1000 Corpses)

Don't answer the phone.
(When a Stranger Calls)

Don't take the job.
(House of the Devil)

Stay out of that room.

Don't play games with truckers.
(Joy Ride)

Seriously, don't go down there.
(Jeepers Creepers)

When the dead speak, listen.
(Pet Sematary)

Just get the f**k out now.

No, don't listen to that!
(The Evil Dead)

No, it's not a fancy Rubik's cube.

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B-Sol said...

Classic stuff, and a great idea. Oh God, poor Annie from Friday the 13th...that one gets me every time.

And THANK YOU for further fueling my shared obsession with "Midnight, The Stars and You"....

Anonymous said...

Yelling at the characters is the reason my husband won't watch horror movies with me anymore. He claims I ruin the experience...I claim that I deal with so much real-life stupidity from people I can't yell at that fictional characters are FAIR GAME.

"No, it's not just a fancy Rubiks cube" = hilarious!

C.L. Hadden said...

Brian: Ah, yes.. Annie. Every time I watch F13 I think perhaps she won't get that ride to the crossroads. But she inevitably does:(
And I can't get enough of Midnight, The Stars and You either... that little YouTube video is so cool with all the scenes from the movie...they work with the music.

Kinder: We yell at the horror movies because we can't yell at the dopes in real life that we encounter every day, right? Like you say- Fair game:)

Can't See Sheep said...

All the points most everyone else would be gone by, it's a good thing these characters lack common sense, or a sense of unease or can't hear the background music that's playing at that moment or the movie would end far too early.

Great post, brings back good memories. Even in the Jeepers Creepers one the sister tells him that's the dumb stuff that people in horror movies do.

LMAO!!!! Don't take the short cut or agree to work for DeNiro. Don't be looking for books the devil supposedly wrote & no, it's not a fancy Rubik's cube! Aw but it's so shiny. :)

Although the "who would actually spend the night there?" My family that's who, they always managed to find the biggest, oldest & creepiest houses in the county & then moved right in. Freaked me out & gave me nightmares! Hell House & the Bates house would have been right up their alley. Everyone's house was scary so it didn't matter who you were visiting. So there's another group for Hell House.

Atroxion said...

Bahahaha! The funny thing is: these are only a couple out of a thousand. Characters in horror movies do stupid shit like that all the time. ALL THE TIME.

...but that's the only way you can get a horror movie done. No one wants to see Clint Eastwood kick zombie ass... or do we?