Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Fascinating Notes

Okay, maybe not fascinating, but here they are nonetheless.
Just a few things.

*Congrats to the Nightmare on Elm Street remake for its banner opening weekend!
However... I'll still be waiting for DVD. While I'm glad horror is still able to rule a movie weekend, I've really no serious desire to run off to the theater and see Freddy redux. Not because I'm sick of remakes (though I damn well am) but because I was never a big huge whopping Freddy fan. I loved the original (still do), but feel the sequels wandered off into "not scary and not really even remotely funny" territory. If I'm the only fan out there that feels this way, so be it. And I'm a big fan of Jackie Earl Haley, so that's not my issue either. Like I said, I'm waiting for DVD.

*I'm much more interested in seeing The Human Centipede (First Sequence). I mean, what is up with this flick? The subject matter sounds utterly offensive, and yet - I'm intrigued. Alas, I don't live in New York, L.A., or Chicago - so finding a theater that has it showing is no small feat. I do suppose I'll be behind the times (yet again) and stuck watching it on DVD...
So somebody please tell me - how disturbing is it? And I'm also assuming there will be a Second Sequence...?? Info please.

*I'm sick of all the 3D. I'm over it. I think others may feel this way as well. I mean, can't we just go see a normal movie anymore? While I think Aja's Piranha 3D movie could have potential (and that's the word on the street), do we really need every new movie coming out (and not just in the horror genre, mind) thrown into 3D or re-worked (in the case of Clash of the Titans and many others) just to fit a fad which at some point will die a miserable death just like it did in the late 80's??
I, for one, hate wearing those dumb-ass glasses for two hours, and to be honest 3D makes me want to throw up. I can't stand those movies you go in to at amusement parks where they strap you in a seat and proceed to simulate you flying down into the Grand Canyon in a single engine airplane...Gah! The mere thought makes my stomach churn. Hell, I could barely make it through the nausea-inducing Paranormal Activity without puking (yes, I am a stomach-sissy). But that's what 3D does to me. And let's face it, it's cool for about the first fifteen minutes.
But really, fads come and go. And by making everything 3D, producers are dating themselves beyond redemption.

*Planet of Terror is running a contest and you need to head over there right now if you have any designing talent - they are looking for some help with a project and guess what: there are prizes! Good ones, too. I myself am no better at designing than the facebook app Picnik allows me to be.
But hey, if you've got mad skills, put them to use. Go!

*It is 40 days out from the premiere of the third season of True Blood. And yes, that warrants mentioning! I'm dying here. HBO has been kind enough to run all the repeats of Season 2 on Sunday nights so I can get back in the mood, and starting last week they added "mini-sodes" which I would be more inclined to call teasers, and you can check out the latest one here.

Also worth mentioning is today's release of the 10th Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead in the Family which is in my hands now. Though I've heard mixed reviews, I'm always in the mood for a little vampire action, particularly if it includes Eric Northman.

*If you noticed (and you probably didn't) that there was no Mindless Movie Monday yesterday, it is because the feature has taken the summer off. During the summer months I'm often away at our Evil Dead cabin up north on weekends (with no internet - can you imagine!?) and trying to ready a post late Sunday nights kills me. So I may have a random Mindless Movie this summer, but nothing regular.

*Lastly, a little shameless self-promotion. BJ-C of Day of the Woman has gotten her pet project, the Tea Party of the Dead, off the ground running with the first in a group of postings highlighting the various members' favorite posts that they've done since the inception of their respective blogs.
TPotD is a new site made up of a collection of some of the best female horror bloggers on the interwebz. Fascination with Fear is mentioned in Part One of the 'best-of' posts, so be sure to check it out - and do check out all the other great talent!

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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to catch this in Dallas this weekend. Just checked the screener list again. How is this showing in Minneapolis but NOT PA?

Thanks for the shoutout. Much appreciated!

Al Bruno III said...


And regarding HUMAN CENTIPEDE... it was a film intended to shock and disturb but I felt it was a lot better than most films that try to do so.

And it is worth seeing for Dieter Laser's performance alone...

My full review... http://albruno3.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-barely-coherent-review-for-human.html

Can't See Sheep said...

Congrats on being a member on TPotD, it looks like a mix of really excellent horror bloggers & should be fantastic.