Monday, May 24, 2010

So apparently, now I'm filthy. Or at least blood-soaked.

Wanted to share a bit of news for those who may not know. I've been asked to join the staff of the awesome up & coming horror website, The Blood Sprayer. According to its tagline, it's "all the filth that's fit to publish"...

I have my lovely friend Kristy Jett to thank for suggesting me to the editor, Wes Allen, who took a chance on me not to muck things up too horribly. It's my first writing gig outside of this blog and the LoTT-D and TPOTD, so I've basically been acting like a psycho for the last few days.

Appropriately, my first article is about the pros and cons of dating Norman I think you should go there RIGHT NOW if you haven't already. And be sure to check out all the articles on the site - Wes has a great lineup of top-notch contributors hanging out over there - including a few that should be familiar to the blogging community: Brittney-Jade Colangelo of Day of the Woman, Bill Adcock of Radiation-Scarred Reviews, and John Squires of Freddy in Space.
But everyone at The Blood Sprayer is a huge talent and I am honored and humbled to be working with them!

And don't worry (not that you did) - Fascination with Fear isn't going anywhere. I love writing, and between this blog and The Blood Sprayer, I'm seriously hoping nobody gets sick of me, to be honest.

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Atroxion said...

That site looks awesome. I'll be sure to check it out every now and then. Gonna go and read your article now, it sounds really interesting (why did no one ever think of dating Norman Bates, duh!). Cheers!

B-Sol said...

Cool stuff, Christine! Looking forward to see what you guys come up with.