Saturday, June 14, 2008

No one can hear you scream..

'Alien' is just one of those feel-good movies you can't help but love.
The warmth and happiness you get just from sliding this dvd into the player just resonates joy for me, and....
wait a tic...
Alien? Oh yeah - that's right, it scares the pants right the hell off of me!

Over at the always fantastic horroretc podcast (, last weeks episode was about the Alien franchise.
Coincidentally, I had just - no kidding - bought this dvd at Wally-World a week or so before that, and so just having watched the original, I was able to really enjoy all the banter about it that went on for nearly two hours. (Great job, guys!)

Alien is an incredibly claustrophobic nightmare. You can only imagine how a group of people stuck on a ship in outer space would feel with a - for lack of a better term - alien, on board. This is, in my humble opinion, the greatest sci-fi movie put to celluloid. (sorry all you Star Wars and Trekkie fans...) It is so simple in idea, yet so frightening. Ridley Scott directed the original - see, he did make good movies before Gladiator! The cast is equally up to the task, and you'll recognise most of them - Sigourney Weaver, Ian Holm (Bilbo anyone?), Tom Skerritt, Harry Dean Stanton... etc. Early roles for many of them, but they were already hitting their mark here.

Isn't it a handsome little devil??
This is my favorite part - the infamous "chest-bursting" scene. You've no doubt seen a clip of this somewhere, at some point in your life - especially if you are reading this blog. It is utterly surprising, horrific, disgusting and downright gruesome! Love it.
If 'Alien' teaches us anything, it is not to go poking around in strange places on strang(er) planets. Duh.

So if you haven't seen at least the first one in the series (the first is the best, as usual) - you should either run right out and buy it, or add it to your Netflix queue for an absolutely terrifying trip to the unknown.

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