Monday, June 16, 2008

R.I.P. Stan Winston

The bad news: Stan Winston, special effects guru (age 62), died yesterday at his home in California after a years-long battle with multiple myeloma.

The good news: What a legacy of fantastic work he leaves for us to continue to marvel at.
Besides his FOUR Academy Awards for his work on Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and Aliens, as well as his countless other nominations, his prolific body of work includes some of the following genre flicks:


Edward Scissorhands


Interview with the Vampire

Lake Placid

Alien (all)

The Thing

Jurassic Park (all)

Friday the 13th, part 3

Terminator (all)

Pumpkinhead (which he directs and it is a personal fave of mine)

Wrong Turn (also directs)

and Iron Man...

Of course that is only a smattering of his work in the horror genre. He was famous for many other films, mainstream included - such as Batman Returns, AI, Pearl Harbor, Big Fish, etc...

He was in the midst of several projects (Terminator 4, Jurassic Park IV to name a few) at the time of his death. The projected outcome for that work is unknown at this time, but I am willing to bet his work at the Stan Winston Studios will continue under his good name.

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