Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's that I hear??

Because I love lists, here are a few of what I would consider 'well-placed' songs in Horror Movies:
Bear with me, and feel free to disagree - or suggest a few of your own.

1) Sympathy for the devil (The Rolling Stones)- Interview with the Vampire

I love this song for the ending shots of Lestat and the interviewer in the car. Perfect.

2) Mama Told Me Not To Come (Three Dog Night) - April Fool's Day

Some people call this flick a cop-out, I thought it was brilliant.

3) Don't fear the reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)- Halloween

Iconic tune - also used in Zombie's 2007 remake and during the 'love' scene in Scream.

4) First Cool Hive (Moby) - Scream

Speaking of Scream, it has alot of fairly appropriate songs, but this tune (sans lyrics) seems to fit just right for the mood.

5) Down with the Sickness (Disturbed) - Dawn of the Dead (04)

Seems to be written specifically for this movie, but those in the know are aware that it was used in Queen of the Damned prior to DOTD '04.

6) Before I'm Dead (Kidney Thieves) - Queen of the Damned

Ahh.. Queen of the Damned. Some people just freakin' hate it. I do not. And the end credits song is

7) After Dark (Tito & Tarantula) - From Dusk Till Dawn

My husband still begs to watch this movie. One guess why? Alas, not for the music.

8) People are Strange (Echo & The Bunnymen) - The Lost Boys

The 'vampires are us' theme song, really.

9) Summer Breeze (Type O Negative) - I know what you did last summer

Fluffy teen flick had some killer tunes. I still listen to the soundtrack, it's one of my faves.

10) Hip to be Square (Huey Lews & The News) - American Psycho

Who ever would have expected this 80's gem in this kind of flick? Well done.

11) Don't stop me now (Queen) - Shaun of the Dead

All the music from SOTD is well thought out, though none as appropriate as this one!

12) Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson) - House on Haunted Hill

Love this Eurythmics cover - in anything, anytime. But really liked it as the group of guests were coming to the house.

13) Love Rollercoaster (The Ohio Players) - Urban Legend

Because the song itself IS an urban legend within itself.

14) Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan) - Zodiac

A haunting song for an equally haunting movie. It will stick in your head.

15) Blue Velvet (Bobby Vinton) - Blue Velvet

Not on the original soundtrack, strangely enough. But certainly used in the disturbing Lynch film.

16) Wait for the rain (David Hess ) - Last House on the Left (1972)

A cover of this was used in Cabin Fever as an homage, but I think Hess's version is the real 'shiny happy tune'.

17) Bad Moon Rising (CCR) - An American Werewolf in London

Every song in Landis's masterpiece spoke of 'moons' - but this one really comes along at the right time.

18) Dark Secret (Matthew Sweet) - The Craft

Also a great alternative soundtrack, there were many tunes appropriate for this movie, but this one encompasses the whole 'witch' thing pretty good, and was used at a really great time within the film.

19) Pet Sematary (The Ramones) - Pet Sematary

Gosh, I can't actually remember if this song was used in Pet Sematary or its sequel, but I couldn't resist putting up a pic of poor, doomed little Gage....

20) Jeepers Creepers (Paul Whiteman) Jeepers Creepers

The Mac guy - having a really bad day.
Should have stuck with a PC I guess.

21) Pussy Liquor (Rob Zombie) - House of 1000 Corpses

Zombie's films are always filled with good tunes, not necessarily his own. But this one has a grindingly good beat and you just can't help but sing along.

22) Redemption Song (Bob Marley) - I Am Legend

They also used Marley's Three Little Birds... but lets be honest, folks - everything wasn't gonna be alright, was it? End credits tune was ideal.

23) Mr. Sandman (The Chordettes) - Halloween II (1981)

I also liked the psychedelic-sounding version from Rob Zombie's Halloween end credits.
Either way, it's a strangely weird song to use in a movie about a homicidal maniac. But ya' can't help but like it.

24) Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood) - Christine

Perfect opening tune. Maybe best ever.

25) The Midnight Special (CCR) - Twilight Zone: The Movie

"wanna see something really scary?"

26) Mad World (Gary Jules) - Donnie Darko

Shit, man. This goddamned rabbit still cares the hell out of me!

27) We've only just begun (The Carpenters) - 1408

Never did a Carpenters song disturb or annoy me more than during this crazy flick.

So there you have it.

Soon to come: Songs I think would have been appropriate for horror movies but were NOT used.....


Ryne said...

Definitely agree with Rob Zombie's Halloween and Donnie Darko. I don't normally notice too many songs within movies, but these are two that stood out, especially when a guy next to me in the theater started going crazy about "Don't Fear the Reaper."

Anonymous said...

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