Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abandoned houses

I have a real like for creepy, old abandoned houses.
Places that look like they have a story.
Places that look haunted.

I've decided to hunt the web for some pics of places that look like I would most certainly not want to go there on a dark evening alone.

(When I was a teenager, however, my friends and I had a passion for checking these places out on weekends. I won't say we broke in, because most places were already falling down around us and weren't locked - some didn't even have doors. Or the door was hanging precariously off the hinges like in some horror movie... )
We lived for those 'haunted house hunting' weekends.

I can only think of one place that is actually still standing... and maybe at some point I will drive there and get a new picture of it for here on the blog.

But for now, I will do a pic of the day for the rest of October.
Tis the season!



Anonymous said...

Where in Nebraska is this house located?

michael wright said...

I need to know where this place is

michael wright said...

Must know where this house is.

Christine Hadden said...

I have absolutely no idea where this house is located. I don't even know what state it is in, so not sure why you think Nebraska....sorry

Anonymous said...

This is a picture The Mudd House in southern Ohio. It was demolished years ago.