Monday, October 20, 2008

B-grade fun

It Waits (2005)

Sometimes I just like to watch really campy, thoughtless horror.
"It Waits" fits the bill pretty good.

Usually this kind of movie is on the Sci-Fi channel on Saturday afternoon, but this one has the advantage of having a recognized star (at least in the horror genre) as the lead - Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever, Return to House on Haunted Hill, Sasquatch Mountain).
Now I'm not saying she's a great actress or anything, but she is good enough to watch for a few hours)

(In case you can't place who she is)

And any guy that didn't watch something she was in just to look at her, well... I can't say more.
I mean, she is extraordinarily pretty. Among other things...

Anyway.... It Waits (dumb title by the way) is the story of Danielle (Vincent), who is a forest ranger (yep.) struggling with the fact that her best friend was just killed in a drunk driving accident in which Danielle was driving. Added to that are troubles with a boyfriend (also a ranger) and some missing campers she can't locate, and that about sums up the first part of the movie. I mean, there's always a useless sub-plot that has nothing to do with the real heart of the story.

But there is something out there in the woods (because there always is).
It stalks.
It lurks.
It waits.
Oh brother.

Key plot points:
There is a Native American legend not unlike alot of movies we've already seen. (If you're looking strictly for Native American themes, rent Wendigo instead).
The creature is awakened by a group of scientists (?) who decide to blow half a mountain off to look for.... what? I can't remember.
'It' starts stalking anyone we see on screen.
It looks almost exactly like a cross between Pumpkinhead and the Creeper (Jeepers Creepers) - so much so that it even sprouts wings and flies away! (mega-rip-off!).
Some dude in a camper mysteriously appears and starts yakking about the 'legend'... I've already forgotten what he said.
Danielle and said boyfriend are obviously the creature's main targets.
Maybe she peed in his Cheerios, I don't know.

Anyway, I actually watched this all the way through and thought it wasn't too bad - in a Netflix free-viewing sort of way.
So if it ever pops up on Sci-Fi or Fuse some afternoon, you can watch it without puking.
Hey, it's better than Feast 2!!

What's that I hear?
You want another pic of Cerina Vincent?
Ok, here you go:

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