Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A movie with BITE

Teeth (2007)

Here's a film I took awhile to see because I just kept thinking: Seriously?
Well I probably shouldn't have waited, cause it was a real hoot!

Again reaching into my bag of 'instant Netflix viewing', I decided to finally give this movie a go.
It was a hit at the Sundance movie festival last year. It is certainly a strange and unusual idea.

Dawn O'Keefe (Jess Weixler, who seems like a cross between Keira Knightley and Winona Ryder) is a high school virgin (rare these days, I know) who gives "purity" speeches at her high school, begging teens her age to forego sex and stay abstinent until marriage.
This is all well and good, until she meets Tobey (Hale Appleman) and develops a more mature crush on him.

However, Dawn has something different about her.
Straight to the point: she has teeth in her vagina!

This is an actual medical myth/mystery known as Vagina Dentata. I really can't see myself explaining this, so read about it here, or better yet - here!

So... seeing as how Dawn's never experienced intimacy, she isn't quite sure what feels different about herself, but she's aware there is something amiss 'down there'...
Apparently she's never shredded any tampons. Sorry, had to mention...

Her and Tobey head off to the local make-out spot and things get carried a bit too far - Tobey has actually already had sex (bad boy! No!) and felt "remorse" (yeah, right!) so he has been abstaining for quite a long time, and he is done with purity and ready for some action - he pretty much forces himself on Dawn and suffice it to say, his male genitalia suffer the consequences.

Now I wouldn't want to give everything away here, so I'll stop there with the "intimate" details (no pun intended).. but you gotta see this movie to believe it.

As sub-plots, Dawn also has a raunchy, ridiculously sex-crazed nasty half-brother who has had the hots for her since they were little (say it with me now - eww!). He figures in the equation quite prominently.
She also goes to the OB/GYN for help and unfortunately has a perverted gynecologist - of course things go downhill after her feet are in the stirrups.

Then there are other boys that have made a bet that they can be the ones to get her into bed first... you can leave it up to your imagination (but the film won't!)...

There is a mentionable amount of gore, as you can imagine. But I think the acting by young Jess Weixler is really quite good, and I'm anxious to see something by her in another genre. I think she could have some pretty good acting chops.

There is an absolutely eye-popping scene involving a Rotweiller near the end. Truly outrageous!

So check out Teeth for something really different.
I can guarantee it will leave you (especially you guys!) thinking about your next roll in the hay.

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