Friday, December 4, 2009

Congrats to BJ-C: Ms. Horror Blogosphere!

My sincere congratuations go out to the winner of the Ms. Horror Blogosphere, BJ-C of Day of the Woman!!

A most deserving winner!!

And thanks to B-Sol of The Vault of Horror for hosting this fab (yet ridiculously controversial) contest. It opened my eyes and the eyes of countless others to an entertaining selection of female horror bloggers out there.

My fellow contestants and I didn't enter this contest just because we're women, but also because we all have a common goal - to write about horror - and to share that love with whomever we can.

There was no reason for this to get completely blown out of proportion like it did, and just so there's no confusion - I don't regret being involved at all. In fact, it gave me great pleasure to be included in this group of intelligent, savvy, and most of all horror-obsessed women!
I feel like I am part of a real community now, and have made a lot of cyber-friends out there!
Thanks to all of them, as well.
And yes, you should check out all their blogs! Follow the links.

It's been a hoot to be involved, and I'm very much looking forward to the "Mr. Horror Blogosphere" contest - hopefully the backlash won't scare BJ-C off doing it!

Once again, congrats Day of the Woman!
Well done, you!
Oh - and here's a picture of her that I ripped off her Facebook page (hope you don't mind BJ-C!)

- just so all of you who voted simply because of the photos can see who won! ..... But look, she won without showing any T & A.
Imagine that.

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BJ Colangelo said...

you are so sweet! and of course i don't mind if you rip it from my facebook. if its on the internet, its fair game :)

look for an email from me in the next few days :)