Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lily-livered in the Loo

Why is it that there are so many scenes in horror movies where people are in the bathroom?
No doubt two reasons. One, because gratuitous nudity is expected in horror. And two, because at what time are we more vulnerable than when we are naked?

So in that vein, I got to thinking of the many scary scenes I could think of that occur in bathrooms. And man! There are a lot! A whole heapin' handful.

Such as:

*Even more frightening than the spiders in the sink is when the teenage daughter is showering and one slides down her soapy body.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)
*Not exactly in a traditional bathroom, but impaled on a shower head nonetheless.

Dressed to Kill
*I imagine plenty of people wanted to see the Police Woman naked, but then she was snuffed out while taking an erotic shower for one.

A Nightmare on Elm Street
*One of the best scenes in the movie. I have heard they kept it intact for the upcoming 2010 sequel.

*All I can think of here is "Plug it up...plug it up!!"

*Is that a creepy alien parasite or are you just happy to see me?

Cabin Fever
*And yet, she kept on shaving...

The Grudge
*Because everybody needs a hand in the shower.

*So much for the restrooms at the gas station. No thanks.

*Amy Smart meets a gruesome end. Best scene in the film.

The Shining
*Perhaps Jack shouldn't have fondled the strange beauty in the bathtub after all.

*Just say his name five times while looking in a mirror...

Angel Heart
*That's what you get when you're screwing your daughter. Say it with me now: Ew.

Friday the 13th
*Nothing like the old ax through the skull to give you Exedrin Headache #57

From Hell
*Johnny Depp in a bathtub. Does it really matter what the hell the plot of the movie is?

*Holy crap, a lot of shit (no pun intended) happens in this bathroom - none of it good.

Rest Stop
*Because everyone should get a chance to shoot Joey Lawrence in the head, regardless of the venue.

The Shining
*Her little knife pales in comparison to his ax, am I right?

The Unborn
*It always sucks when you look in the mirror and you're not the only thing in the reflection.

What Lies Beneath
*She looks a bit upset. Can't reach her towel, perhaps?

Final Destination
*He doesn't really look like he's commiting suicide...

*Could there be a more perfect bathroom death? Or a more famous one? It is the I-Ching of bathroom murder.

And a few more stragglers I couldn't find pics to go with...

*Sydney being chased from the restrooms in Scream.

*Omar Epps gets a knife into the ear right through the bathroom stall in Scream 2.

*Can we count the nurse boiling to death in the hot tub in Halloween 2?

*Blood bubbling up from the toilet in Psycho 2.

*Face smashed into the mirror in the bathroom in Terror Train.

*Ken Foree's nasty bathroom stall death in Rob Zombie's Halloween.

*The bloody sink in IT.

*When poor little Cole is peeing in The Sixth Sense and that dead kid walks by.

*Penile removal in I Spit on Your Grave.
*That disgusting bathroom/toilet in Wrong Turn.

Did I forget any? No doubt.

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CRwM said...

Nice overview!

Just to add to the list:

Martyrs has crazy bathroom nastiness.

Bathroom attacks feature in Zombieland and Deadgirl.