Monday, October 5, 2015

Octoberfest Five: 5 Cheating Spouses

Let's be frank:  horror films are chock-full of sex, there's no doubting that.  And more often than not, someone is cheating on someone.  And we all know what happens to people who cheat. Something horrible happens to them.  Karma is a bitch.  Here are five favorite examples.

Top of my list is this werewolf film in which Bill Neill (Christopher Stone) skankily cheats on his traumatized wife Karen (Dee Wallace) at The Colony - a bizarre retreat in the wooded countryside. Pursued by a serial killer and then having to deal with her scoundrel of a hubby sleeping with the local dog-faced bitch?
Hardly fair.  Well, Bill gets his in the end.  Karma, baby!

Who would have ever thought Harrison Ford would be the bad guy?  Not only sleeping around on Michelle Pfeiffer, but taking it over the edge and beyond once he almost gets caught.  But things don't work out in his favor after all.  And you deserve it, Indiana Jones...who the hell cheats on Michelle Pfeiffer anyway?

As if it wasn't bad enough to cheat on Michelle Pfeiffer....this one just hurts.  Seriously...Johnny Depp?  I realize Maria Bello is a catch too, but Timothy Hutton?  Unfortunately for Maria, you can't mess with Mort. He goes bat-shit crazy, literally. 

This one's just weird.  Lots of people fall in love and/or have sex with someone different than them. Different race, different religion, different ages...etc.  But generally people tend to stay within their own SPECIES.  But Adrien Brody broke that taboo and a few others along the way. Though living with his girlfriend/work partner Elsa (Sarah Polley), Clive (Brody) ends up doing the horizontal mambo with their creepy sexually maturing hybrid.  Not your average coming of age story. 

The ultimate betrayal is when you find out your best friend has been sleeping with your husband.  It's happened in many a movie, but perhaps with consequences no more brutal than here. When Sarah discovers that Juno has been having an affair with her hubby, it just gets nasty.  The cave-dwelling mutants have got nothing on Sarah's vengeance.

Honorable mentions: My Bloody Valentine 3D, AHS: Murder House, Fatal Attraction

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