Thursday, October 1, 2015

Octoberfest Five: 5 Favorite Horror Heads

There are so many decapitations in horror that it's really hard to narrow it down to a small list of five, so I decided to go with my favorites.  All of these films are fairly popular, but they are famous for a reason. And a good beheading, for whatever reason, always stands out in a horror film.  Behold, my favorite horror heads!

Certainly one of the most famous heads in horror, Mrs. Voorhees lost her noggin back in the very first Friday the 13th, but it was this lovely scene in Part 2 that made all our heads spin. To what did Ginny's wandering eyes appear but Pamela Voorhees, her head cut

Seeing as how Jaws is my favorite film, I couldn't let this famous head go without a mention either!  Poor Ben Gardner.  He wanted to make a name for himself by catching the biggest fish in the waters off Amity Island.  Instead, he loses his head.  Bobbing up and down in the wreckage of his fishing boat, he gives Hooper a terrifying fright and causes one of the only jump scares in this brilliant blockbuster.

April Fool's Day is an unfairly disregarded film.  It's witty and fun and the ending, though constantly bitched about, is in my opinion perfect. And no one had a rougher time in AFD than Buffy St. John.  But she may be the only head on this list to party down to some Three Dog Night.  Not everyone can say that! 

By far the best special effects on our list, the head of Norris in The Thing is one nasty noggin.  When he transforms into one of the alien "things", his head slides over the end of a table, falling onto the floor and bizarrely changes into a spider-like creature with legs and antennas. It is a disturbing scene that is unchallenged in its beautiful creepiness.

Winning the prize for 'best use of a decapitated head', this films takes it one notch higher by also being the most literal use of "head" as well.  When Dr. Hill finds his cranium unattached to the rest of his body, he uses this to his advantage and sexually abuses a young woman, creating one of the most memorable moments in all of horror, hands (or heads!) down!

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