Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Festival Of Lists: October 1: ONE Outstanding Podcast

So with October comes my Festival of Lists.  Each day of the month will bring a list.  Simple, right? 

But here's the twist.

Each day will have a list that is compiled of the same amount of items as the date.  As in, a five-part list on October 5th, twelve items on October 12th, etc. 

Obviously seeing as how it is October 1st, that means only one item today.  Can't really call that a list, so we better make today's feature a good one.  And it is.

October 1:  One Outstanding Podcast

I know I have sung the praises of this podcast before, but I feel the need to keep reminding you good folks to pay attention.   Hosted by the Canadian duo of Kings Town Ted and Anthony D.P. Mann (and occasionally adding fellow Canuck Doug McConaghy), Horror Etc is a first-class production that boasts an impressive 210 episodes and counting.  This is not your average, run-of-the-mill podcast in which the hosts get drunk and play video games in their parent's basement while recording random comments about horror flicks for our "enjoyment".  It is an astute and entertaining look at the vast world of horror.

Not entirely limited to film, Horror Etc also takes a look at the written word, fan expos (including Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear), horror and sci-fi television (including in-depth looks and retrospectives on The Twilight Zone, LOST, Dexter, Dr. Who, etc.), spotlights on genre directors (Carpenter, del Toro, Park, Craven, Cronenberg, and so many more), audio commentaries on films like Evil Dead 2 and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, discussions on horror comic books, and the list goes on. 

What separates this podcast from the scores of other broadcasts out there is that Ted and Tony are serious about their task.  They know their horror.  They attempt to keep the podcast neutral,  but at the same time share educated opinions and engaging humor throughout. 

Generally, each week has a theme.  Even the 'From the Hip' episodes (which are some of my favorites, truth be told)  formulate some kind of order.  Sometimes  just rambling on about horror films is engrossing enough.  But from the first episode (entitled Halloween:  Zombie vs. Zombie, from October 2007 -!) to the most recent (The Horroretc Book Club, Volume 4; from earlier this week), there is always a method to their madness.

Some of my favorite topics from past episodes include: 

Vincent Price (episode 92)
Stephen King Adaptations (ep.8)
Road Horror Movies (ep. 15 & 16)
Psycho (ep. 163) 
Back to the 80's: 1981 (ep.196)
The Twilight Zone (ep. 50 & 51)
Censorship (ep. 99)

With almost 20 years of media production/broadcasting between them, it's no surprise the podcast has been around for four years and shows no signs of stopping.  Hence, if you've never heard the Horror Etc podcast, you need to jump over there now and be enlightened.  Trust me, you won't regret it.  (And you'll be busy for weeks trying to catch up on their exhaustive archives!)


SikeChick said...

Fellow fan of Horror Etc. here. I discovered this podcast about two years ago and have managed to listen to just about every episode. I really enjoy their laidback attitude, but appreciate the seriousness with which they discuss the subjects. Like you, I am a fan of the From the Hip episodes, but my true favorite will always be the "Freddy's Dead/The Happening" episode in which Ted is sooooooo obsessed with his disappointment in "The Happening", Tony and Doug can't keep him on topic. It is epic! M. Night Shyamalan might want to watch his back if he's every anywhere near Ted.

Jose said...

An entire month with nothing but lists? And not just any month... but October to boot? You have my full attention.

After reading this post, I'm definitely interested in checking out some of these. I love a good horror podcast. And those TZ episodes are lookin' mighty intriguing...

Christine Hadden said...

SikeChick: Ha! I remember that episode, too funny! I liked the Psycho ep even though Ted wasn't a fan of part 2, which I have a maddening fascination with.

Jose: The TZ episodes are really good, their enthusiasm is profound! I think you'll enjoy and and all eps you listen to :)