Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Festival of Lists: October 21: TWENTY-ONE Creepy Kids

 Once again, it's no secret I have a pretty significant aversion to children.  I'm one of those people who thinks there should be restaurants that are kid-free, wishes parents would corral their youngins in Wal Mart, agrees that babies kill most television shows, and let's not forget they're stinky.   Too harsh? 

But one thing I can get behind is kids in horror movies.  Generally they are killing someone or scaring the shit out of somebody, so they are less annoying than usual. 
Case in point:

Gage, Pet Sematary
My favorite achilles tendon-slicing tyke.

Anne & Nicholas, The Others
Not their fault they were pale-faced ankle-biters..
Esther, Orphan
Probably the creepiest "child" on the list, no doubt.

Rhoda, The Bad Seed
Who even knew what a sociopath was back in 1954?

 Children of the Corn
Because 'He who walks behind the rows' said so.
It's Alive
Perhaps the real reason I never wanted to get pregnant.

Santi, The Devil's Backbone
Poor guy just wants his story told with some retribution on the side.
Miles and Flora, The Innocents
Perhaps the title is a tad deceiving...
Chucky, Child's Play
Proving a kid doesn't even need to be human to be creepy.

The Children
This is exactly what I'm talking about! Goddamned kids.

Alice, Wake Wood
Ten times worse when they're back from the dead.  Ask Gage.

Eli, Let the Right One In
Forever a child. Albeit a murderous vampire, but still...

Kyra, The Sixth Sense
My worst fear:  a vomiting child.

Damien, The Omen
One of the first bad kids people think of, with good reason.

Samara, The Ring
Proof that adopted children aren't the answer either...
The Brood
Cronenberg is so delightfully warped!

Village of the Damned
Not one, not two...but a whole freaking town full of brats!

Charlie, Firestarter
What happens when the government gets in the way.

Michael Myers, Halloween
Because they don't always "grow out of it".

Who can kill a child?
"There are lots of children in the world...lots of them!"

Tomas, The Orphanage
Such a sad film at heart, but downright spooky.


iZombie said...

this is a great list, kids are creepy and should never be trusted... the list brings bad memories to when you would trust them in the start. i add one to your list, carol anne... well at least from the third film.


Budd said...

Esther was so creepy. It was really weird watching her try to seduce her dad.

Drew Barrymore, proof that drugs are really bad and can totally screw you up for life. She went from talented child actor to air headed adult actor.

I am surprised no Japanese/Korean movies made the list. They have their fair share of creepy kids. Like the meow boy in the grudge.

Spooky Vegan said...

AMEN! I wish all children came with a mute button and were quarantined away from the general public until they reached a less annoying age. Ya, I'm not a fan of kids either.

Lovely choices for creepy that you included the kids from Who Can Kill a Child and The Brood! Those are definitely some scary kids.

James Gracey said...

Some of these kids possess a kind of creepy melancholy too - there's something quite sad about them. Especially the ones from The Devil's Backbone and The Orphanage. And the one from It's Alive is just a wee cutie! ;)

Rachel said...

Does Chucky really count, though? He's not a child, he's a doll. And there's a grown man's soul in the doll. Sorry, I don't mean to nit-pick, I just didn't think of him as a kid. Definitely creepy though!!

Jamie jubilee said...

What a great list! Oh the horrors that can be committed by tiny little hands! How bout the zombie baby from Dead Alive!? Thats one of my favorite mini monsters!
Thanks for sharing!

Christine Hadden said...

Jeremy: Yep, Carol Anne would have been good..she's pretty creepy!

Budd: Oh yes! I totally forgot Asian influence (well, besides Samara, her character was Japanese starting out in the original). Definitely think Toshio in The Grudge would be a fine candidate.

Sarah: I still have nightmares from The Brood!

James: I agree that those Spanish films have such sad stories behind them...The Orphanage in particular gets to me every time.

Rachel: Well technically I suppose Chucky was not a child, but he was just as annoying as most ankle-biters, so he made the grade.

Jamie: Thanks for stopping by! And I wish I'd have thought of that zombie baby - he was utterly horrific!

Kaijinu said...

Hence, kids are evol!
haha! funny thing is I saw every one of these movies!

Kev D. said...

Pet Sematary kid is nightmare inducing, both before and after the transformation.

Especially when he tells Arnie that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. Wait... different movie.