Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Festival of Lists: October 18: EIGHTEEN Movies That Would Look Stunning In Black & White

Twice before, I've picked movies and taken the color out of them, making them more ominous and atmospheric, in my opinion.  Some films need their color, true... but a fair amount may even benefit from the monochrome feeling demonstrated here.  So here are eighteen films (one is a television show) that would look equally as gloomy and/or sinister in black & white.

Dorian Gray

The Caller


Jane Eyre

The Resurrected


The Ring

The Ward


The Strangers

The Legend of Hell House


The House by the Cemetery

Dead of Night

Lady in White

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Black Death

The Walking Dead

Part One of Taking the color out of horror
Part Two


Will Errickson said...

Quite effective!

Budd said...

This countdown has to be getting harder. much respect.

Dylan said...

Interesting idea. IMO Creepshow is one of those that needs color, but the rest are definitely helped with a monochromatic color scheme

Drunketh said...

Cool idea. I wish all horror films had a black and white option. Wait, isn't there a way to do that with your television though?

Richard of DM said...

Some inspired choices there, duder. I really like the idea of Vacancy or The Strangers in B&W.

Jose said...

I LOVE the idea of Zodiac being in black and white. Gives it an even grittier, true crime-documentary feel. Like Dylan though, I cannot imagine a garish comic-inspired flick like Creepshow not being saturated in bloody color. Really cool idea for a feature. God speed thru the rest of these lists!

Christine Hadden said...

I have to admit, Creepshow would lack some effectiveness in black & white...esp. with the Jordy Verrill segment!

And yes, I'm not sure I'll ever write another list after this month, haha...