Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Festival of Lists: October 23: TWENTY-THREE Ghastly Graves

 Horror fans expect cemeteries to be a focal point in many films, in fact we relish the thought.  The graveyard is a crucial part of terror in tons of horror movies, and many of my favorites have scenes of being buried alive, digging up corpses, saying goodbye to loved ones, and just plain waking the dead.

I think graveyards are completely groovy. When I was a teen I hung out in them all the time, and it wasn't because I was emo - it was because it was an awesome place to be.  All throughout my youth I could be found in our local town cemetery, spending many a night hiding behind tombstones, walking the paths, and perhaps looking for ghosts.

While the following list does take us to cemeteries in film, I'm focused more on the actual grave here. Atmospheric cemetery shots are just another list waiting to happen, I think!

Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man)
Don't we all have someone we lost that we'd like to have back?
Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn
Oh Ash, they never stay dead when you want them to!

One of my most favorite graveyard moments.

Creepshow (Something to tide you over)
How long can you hold your breath?

"Whose grave is it?" .... "Judith Myers." .... "He came home."

Drag me to Hell
And it had to rain, right??

Creepshow (Father's Day)
Hoping for a chocolate double layer with sprinkles.

Monster Squad
Always wondered how the Gill Man stayed out of water that long...

Friday the 13th, Part VI:  Jason Lives
Seriously?  They lost me at Part III.
Sleepy Hollow
The Hessian has a few compound fractures there, I think...

Is there a better ending in horror?  Is there!?

Bram Stoker's Dracula
While I won't dwell on vampires, this was pretty cool..

Stir of Echoes
Kevin Bacon needed some kind of redemption from Friday the 13th.
His abs here do the trick.

Night of the Living Dead
See what you get for making fun of your sister, Johnny?

The Omen
Gregory Peck seems really out of place here.
The Serpent and the Rainbow
"Don't let them bury me, I'm not dead!"
This would have to be the worst feeling in the world, hands down.

The Gravedancers
Anyone could have told them dancing wasn't a good idea...

Pet Sematary
My question has always been:  how did they get the tombstone that quick?

Psycho II
"Yeah..ok, it's her.  You wanna go grab some lunch?"

Because the 'Burbs isn't always the best place to settle down.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Probably the single best scene in that whole film, and it's first.

The Walking Dead
...and NOW we know why he was digging those graves.

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if you think these are bad, had you seen the one they used in "Meadowoods"?